Here come another week of battle challenge. And the weekly topic is PORTAL SPINNER. Portal Spinner is a range attacker which require some luck to perform her best as her attack are randomly land, which brought surprising element in the battle. No further ado, let's start!



All Ranged and Magic attack Monsters have the Snipe ability.

MANA: 38



General Sloan_lv2_gold.png

General Sloan

One of the best summoner in chaos pack imo. Picking Sloan as my summoner as the ruleset for current match are TARGET PRACTICE, where all the range monsters are benefiting from the SNIPE ability, which could possibility taking out the back liner of opponent real quick.
Chaos Knight_lv3_gold.png

1st Position - Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight come with SHIELD ability which halve the incoming physical attack, and 3 Armor which making her a really good tanker against physical damage. But she has an obvious weakness which is magic damage, 4 HP isn't a really good choice for an usual tanker role. But under the rule of TARGET PRACTICE, any magical attack from opponent back lane would not land on her, which making her a good fit under this match.

2nd Position - Cornealus

Under the rule of TARGET PRACTICE, every opponent range and magical attack will hit on my first none-melee monster at back lane, which is Cornealus in this case. Cornealus come with very high HP and self HEAL ability, which making him the perfect option in tanking all the snipe attack.

3rd Position - Truthspeaker

Truthspeaker provided the PROTECT ability which gave 2 armor to every friendly unit, which greatly improve the survivability of every allies. Putting her in a rather safe position so that she could stay on the field as long as possible to provide the PROTECT ability.
Venari Crystalsmith_lv2_gold.png

4th Position - Venari Crystalsmith

While Chaos Knight is able to tank very well in this game, Crystalsmith TANK HEAL ability increasing her survivability even better. While providing healing to the tanker, Crystalsmith are benefiting from Summoner ability which giving her higher attack as well.
Pelacor Arbalest_lv2_gold.png

5th Position - Pelacor Arbalest

Pelacor Arbalest is definitely one of the best fit with General Sloan, by enhancing her attack along with the ability of DOUBLE STRIKE which eventually making her able to deal 6 damage in 1 turn, turning her into a total beast!
Portal Spinner_lv1.png

Last Position - Portal Spinner

Protagonist of the week! My plan for this match is to make use of the TARGET PRACTICE rule and General Sloan ability, so I need another range monster at the last position to tank for possible coming SNEAK attack. Portal Spinner did not come with very high HP, but it did come with a default armor, which fitting the need of this position. And her SCATTERSHOT randomly attacking ability might provide some surprise element by taking out opponent lowest HP monster real quick.


My line up VS opponent line up




Did your strategy work?
What will you try differently next time?

Although I has won the match, but the battle dint really happened as what I'm expecting. I was assuming opponent would use more range attacker due to TARGET PRACTICE rule, so my plan of using Cornealus to tank all the SNIPE damage doesn't really play his purpose. But nonetheless, my plan of using Pelacor Arbalest as main damage dealer still helping me to win the match easily, thanks to the range attack enhancement from Sloan General. Portal Spinner did not provide the surprise element this match, but at-least she was able to tank 2 turns which eventually buying enough time for Pelacor Arbalest to take out opponent tanker.

I was pretty lucky to win this match as 2 of my opponent melee monster did not have the ability to attack from back lane. If they do have sneak attack, my Pelacor Arbalest would have bee taken out real quick and most likely I will lose this match. Perhaps I should switch the position of Crystalsmith and Arbalest next time, and switching the last position to pure tanking monster should be also consider even without able to deal any damage.

Why or why not?

PORTAL SPINNER wasn't really my favorite card, as some luck is require to perform her full potential. But I do have to admit that her surprise element do help the match sometimes, I did lost some matches due to the surprise attack from PORTAL SPINNER against my core monster which staying in the mid lane occasionally. Although the surprise element could be very fun, but I still prefer stable performance over surprise performance in most of the cases.


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