Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 163 // Sea monster


Hello everyone, I am very excited for my first participation in this great contest.
According to the Sea Monster Lore, it is a very huge creature, it eats creatures that devour ships.
In this illustration I wanted to demonstrate the majesty of Sea Monster with a scene where he is about to devour a ship, his whole body is still submerged and only a piece of his mouth is visible on the surface.
I hope you can support me with my participation.
I will continue creating art and sharing for this contest :) (CL you don't escape from art)

And with you, Sea Monster.
"Cymbals sound"

Sea_Montser v21.jpg

My process:

  • Digital sketch, digital inking, re-inking and sketching.
  • Paint, remember how to make digital illustrations.
  • Scales, scales, scales
  • Color and shade.
  • Improve the landscape with some mountains (Based on the maps of del Lore)
    Enjoy very much creating this piece of art.

Here is a 30sec time lapse video of the entire process.

If you really want to see everything in detail I share a video a little longer.

Bonus :D
"I share the lines of the ilustration for the community, enjoy printing and recoloring this great scene."
Sea_Montser bw.jpg

Let me know if you liked it! ;)


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