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All icons are artwork from each game. Editted by myself using canva website.


Hello everyone, welcome back to Ramadhanight Hive Blog, today i've got a new series on my blog which I named it as Upgrade-nesday. What is Upgrade-nesday ? It is my concept to upgrade the progress of every hive game that I played on every Wednesday. Why Wednesday ? Because the deadline of the Splinterlands challenge is still far away, and i think that the "wed" is matched the rhym of upgrade 😄

The reason behind this initiative is to keep myself being competitive on the game, because we got many players out there, and if we don't progressing, we will left behind. Wether you play the game for fun, or to earn, being competitive is very important aspect. Plus, it will help the community to keep alive so the game will last longer (I hope so).

This is my first video blog after a long while. I decide to try create another video blog because english is not my main language, and i would like to improve my speaking skills, or at least mantain it, because it will keep declined in time if i don't do it. It need more effort and time to create the video, move the file to pc, and doing some editting because I'm not an expert on it, but i think it would improve my skill as i'm learning to do it. And I would like to thanks @threespeak for the video platform that allow me to makes a vblog on hive community.

I think enough for this long introduction, let's jump to the main content 😉


Splinterlands Progress

Let's start with the most popular game on this beloved ecosystem. Following the end of season, I opened 3 gladius case, and doing upgrade to following cards :
LV 3 for Regular Foiled Chimney Wallstop;
LV 4 for Regular Foiled Dumacke Orc;
LV 5 for Regular Foiled Ferox Defender;
LV 5 for Regular Gobson Bomber; and
LV 3 for Regular Foiled Krash Wanderford

I'm currently played on the silver league, and i wish i could upgrade my soulbound card to at least reach the max cap for silver league, so I'm able to use them on gold league without getting reward penalty 🤠

Splinterlands Upgrade.jpg

Want to start playing this game ? go visit this register link


WOO Progress

Now for this awesome game that giving impact to real wrestler by giving them some ammount of their sale, on this upgrade-nesday, i decide to unpack 1 woo alpha pack, because the airdrops will end today, i think i will start to do unpack and wish for great pull.


This is not my lucky pulls, because i only manage some common cards there without any golden belt and epic or legendary cards 😌
These addition improve my collection talent into 39 cards, with total value $60.30 (based on official WOO floor market)

Screenshot (3).jpg

Want to play and and doing charity at the same time ? visit WOO Website Here


Rising Star Progress

Next there is Rising Star, which is very popular as well for still sustain on this community for a long time. I decide to take part for my own journey to be a star, and this week i decide to unpack 12 rising star pack to improve my stats with the result as shown below:


Another unlucky pull with just 1 epic card, the stats that collected are 1450 fans, 1060 skills, 380 luck, and 30 IM in total for a 100,000 starbits burned which cause the starbits for fans is around 69, which is far above the market that is around 60. But no problem, burning the starbits would help the environment, and I'm still progressing.
These addition improve my collection cards ito 1379 cards, with total fans 58849, 11898 luck, 89614 skills, and 1382 IM.

Salinan dari INDONESIAN HIVER.jpg

Want to start your own journey to become a star ? Start without any audition here


Terracore Progress

Fourth there is terracore, that are comeback after massive golem overlord booming. With the terracorehub, i feel this game is very easy to play (because the old web feels soo heavy), and it reignite my interest to play this game again beside some development on the game. On this upgrade-nesday, i decide to improve my defense into 50 by burning 16 scrap. This would makes my stash safer from a thief for a higher ammount of scrap before claim the reward.

Screenshot (2).jpg

My overall terracore stats is now 4 engineering, 40 damage, 50 defense, 26 favor, and 6 stash size.
Want to explore ? visit this site


Golem Overlords Progress

For last game I played on hive, it is Golem Overlord that is inspired by the terracore. Main different with terracore is the burning requirement that keep the token from higher inflation. I decide to get more scavenger golem by burning 10 parts, because I feels my mining ratio per hour is not on optimum points regarding my fortification and banked level.

Screenshot (1).jpg

My current stats is now Lv 7, with 1 reputation, 9.7 scavenger golem, 7 power, 8 fortification, 4 golem charge station, 9 faith, and 52.3 banked part.

Want to play? use my referal link and earn 1 hive as a cashback !


Final Words

Thank you for kindly read my post, I hope this initiative would spark an excitement for me and people that read my post. Let's enjoy games on hive while trying to earn some from them, and being competitive is the key. Have you played any games on the list ? Or played another hive game ? Please let us know by telling it on the comment section.
If you have any suggestion to improve my content, please just say itu because i know i'm a newbie that need much improvement :)
See you on next Ramadhanight Hive Blog ~
PS : This is not a financial advice, and I'm not a financial advisor, every investment have their own risk, DYOR before getting in any of them

My video is taken with my nikon coolpix P610, while the game is recorded using my lenovo laptop and edited with VSDC video editor


Hive for the very useful blog and community platform as well the cool icon
Splinterlands, @wrestorgonline, risingstargame, terracore, and golem overlord for bring fun games on hive community and those cool icons that i use for the cover
Mrs. carrieallen for the very useful ULTIMATE Markdown Tutorial
@Arcange to keep support my post
All readers for stopping by
All curators for the upvotes
Canva for the free photoshop and all free features
VSDC for free video editor

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