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Hello guys, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog on Splinterlands Weekly Socmed Challenge's Session. For this week Challenge, i would like to share how an ability could triggered and change the result of the battle in the very end! Without any further, let's see how it goes !


About Trample

There are soo many abilities on splinterlands. Some of it are applied on the entire match while another abilities are having a trigger to applied. Today i would like to share an abilities that not always applied and is triggered by some condition or chance, Trample !


Trample is an ability that allows a melee monster to give another attack after killing an enemy. Unlike the double strike abilities that is always happened on the match, trample needs a victim to go out and is not guaranteed to triggered, sometimes it won't trigger on the moment we need them to 😅. On normal ruleset, that chance to attack is limited into just 1 extra attack. Behind those limitation, stampede is having superiority on some ruleset such as the stampede ruleset, that allow the stampede to trigger without any limit, so you could swipe all those 6 enemies monster by a single monster on a single turn ! What makes trample more popular now is that there is new summoner from CL edition airdrops that gives entire melee monster having the trample ability + reach ability as well. It's possibilus that makes it possible for any water and neutral monster to having reach and trample as well. And this is making opportunity for monster without reach to attack from 2nd position, and monster with sneak or opportunity and reach to trigger a stampede !


Battle Example

Now let's see a battle review on how the stampede ability triggered and turn the table


Battle Link:

My Lineup's Explanation :

Rules :


Before we discuss about the formation, here is the rules for this match
Earthquake : All non flying monster will take 2 damage each turn. Time for flying monster !
30 mana cap: Medium mana cap
Splinter available :Water, Life, and Death splinters are available.

Summonerimage.pngSnareA counter for flying monster which is likely will be important on earthquake ruleset.
Tankerimage.pngFlyFlying monster with pretty good health and armor to stand against enemies attack
2nd Monsterimage.pngInspireHelp giving damage buff for all melee friends. Put him on 2nd position so he could survive long enough to give the buff
3rd Monsterimage.pngSneakGiving high sneak damage to enemies, hoping the snare will caught enemies that set on the back to survive against the earthquake
4th Monsterimage.pngFly, SneakJust like the sabre shark but with fly ability. Put him on 4th position with expectation he could survive on this ruleset with his wing.
5th Monsterimage.pngSnipeAnother damage dealer, expected to giving snare to non melee enemies that might having fy ability
6th Monsterimage.pngSelf healWith 2 damage received each turn by the earthquake, his regen will be usefull to help regain his health point and survive the game.

I would also talk a little about my enemies lane up, but won't too detailed as my lane up, just a my point of view in general about his lane up.


His name is surely shown this is a bot, but i think bot nowadays having great card placement skills. Alvar on front with very high armor and void armor is clever to stand against any kind of attack include the earthquake. Demented shark behind him bring +1 melee attack to all allies and with possibilus buff he got the reach ability and trample as well. 3rd monster is surely a decoy. 4th monster is another monster that got a buff from possibilus, another chance to trample , and he got +1 buff from demented shark as well. Last monster is bringing 2 armor to help all monster survive on 1st earthquake effect. It's quite simple yet effective line up.


Does My Strategy is Worked ? :

If you want to watch the battle, please click the link of battle replay i've mentioned above.

The battle scene are also shown on gif below: (52).gif

On 1st round, all buff are applied, both teams are having their physical damage is decreased by 1 since there is inspire from both demented shark. No monster is getting eliminated this round. Just both tank and enemies backline that received some damage. (53).gif

On second round, it started with earthquake that eliminated enemies wavesmith, but his job is done to provide armor that help blocking the earthquake once. On this round, enemies opportunity monster is eliminated after received 6 damage from my sneak monster. My teams still complete but going to get eliminated soon as the earthquake will happened. (54).gif

On the third round, it started with another earthquake. I lost 2 important monster now, while enemies got 2 monster eliminated as well. Now he is just stand with demented shark that later kill my demented shark then trying to hit my pelacor after getting stampede ability triggered. (55).gif

Coming on 4th round, earthquake didn't kill any monster. My teams started first to land 5 damage to enemies demented shark that stand still with just 1 hp left. His demented shark then replied with 3 melee attack that directly killed my pelacor. This shark got his stampede active again and now, he managed to hit my elemental that having 5 speed. Both monster then die together after the earthquake attack. 😌


Discuss About Trample :

What I Like About Trample:
Trample is a a dangerous ability that allows monster to hit multiple times in a round. It would gave a major boots to the team that having those ability activated. And a stampede ruleset is a show for those monster with trample to be a star

What I Don't Like About Trample:
I hate when thing is unsure, just like the trample that having 50% chance to happened, sometimes we relly on this trample ability but ended up disappointed by them because it won't shown up.

When to Use Monster with Trample:
Just like i've said, trample is very very dangerous on stampede ruleset, so you surely want to get them on your line up. Trample would work well if you think enemies loves to use low health monster as decoy up front (or on the back if you got the possibilus that gives trample to monster with sneak and opportunity). Ruleset that giving enrage ability might be good as well because your monster will having higher damage and in result could easier to eliminating enemies monters.
What to avoid Trample:
Any ability would cost another stats or ability, this mean monster with trample often having less stats or another ability. Ultra high mana cap might not be a great battlefield for monster with trample since monster on that arena likely having high health and armor so it would be hard to get killed by monster with trample.

What would i do next ?
I would always consider to use this monster on high mana cap, and getting him with tank that great against magic damage such as Agor Longtail that also having the Taunt ability will be great to makes sure Ifrit rising is having enough time to burst enemies with his magic recharge damage.



Trample is a usefull ability that could be a great addition to the squad especially on stampede ruleset which allow the trample to happened without any limit, but on regular ruleset, this ability having a limitation into just 1 extra turn, and there is no guarantee that this ability would triggered because there is only 50% of chance. But if trample is triggered, it might be a key factor to turn the situation on the battlefield !


Final Words

Thank you for kindly read my post, i hope you enjoyed this post and could give another view about this ability and monsters that having it. Let me know if you got another view about it on comment section. If you haven't play #Splinterland (the greatest battle card game), you can start join this #Play2Earn game using my referral link below to get a 60 Dec Bonus and A simple guide to start gain earn from this game with those DEC. (Just Dm me 😉 ).

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~Thank You~


LOL, finally your battle was saved with a draw. Trample is very annoying if a monster dies in the battle. Nice battle BTW.


Yeah, haha, i hate it when bots using it the trample happened but when i do, the trample si barely comes out