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Hello guys, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog on Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge's Session. For this week Battle Challenge, i want to share about my battle on guild brawl when my monsters are seems weak !


~Lore of The Mylor Crowling~

Before we start taking about the battle, let's talk about the monster first. For those who loves a story, i bring you the lore of the Mylor Crowling

Although the Magi hates to admit it, Mylor is the most gifted student who has attended Summoners’ Green in many years. In his hundreds of years, the Magi has taught many students whose ambition exceeded reason and morality. When he looks into Mylor’s eyes, the Magi still sees a power-greedy child. Against the headmaster’s wishes, Mylor responded to a Gloridax invitation to Mount Mox and now summons competitively in the tournaments. His style is wild and reckless and he laughs while summoning, like it is all a big game.

Source: Splinterlands.com Lore


General Information About Mylor Crowling

Now that we knew about the lore of this summoner, let's have a look at his ability. The information about this suummoner's ability is shown below


As a rare summoner, mylor is bring powerful buff with thorn ability, which cause any melee attack would damage themselves by 2 damage, and the introduction of monster with amplify ability on Chaos Legion era is just makes it even better for him because the thorn damage improved into 3 for each melee attack received ! For the monster level stats, there is nothing special compared to another rare summoners. The level list of monster allowed are shown on the picture above. Lv 2 for maxed level bronze league, lv 4 for maxed level silver league, lv 6 for maxed level gold league, and lv 8 for maxed all monster.




Battle Link: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sm_a0uwgTXHar4HHbxdMjCl&ref=ramadhanight

My Lineup's Explanation :

Rules :


Before we discuss about the formation, here is the rules for this match
Tis but scratches : All monster have the Cripple ability (heal won't be that effective)
Ferocity : All monster have the fury ability !
28 mana cap: Medium mana cap, thorn might be effective since there is low chance of high mana dragons with it's magic will appear
Splinter available : Fire, Earth, Life, and Death are available.

Summonerimage.pngThornBring usefull abilities to help all the teams hurt enemies melee attacker. Let's see who's gonna caught by the thorn !
Tankerimage.pngFlySince heal won't be effective, i'd prefer this monster instead of the flesh golem. Having high health and armor, i expect this free earned card to stand against melee hitter as much as he can and giving back the thorn to enemies.
2nd Monsterimage.pngReachThis new monster is having low speed, yet it has high damage and health. Usefull to give damage from second position while standing to giving thorn to melee enemies with his high health.
3rd Monsterimage.pngSneak, Double StrikeThis gladius card is having double attack and sneak ability which makes him suitable as the main hitter. His low health is his only problem. Put him on 3rd position as the safest position from front and behind.
4th Monsterimage.pngOpportunity, FlyAnother hitter, but this monster is having the opportunity that allow him to hit the lowest health enemies. Just like the gobson, his low health is his main problem. Put him on 4th position to stand longer from front enemies while cover the gobson from backline enemies with his fly.
5th Monsterimage.pngscattershotwith just 2 mana cost, i put him on last position to stand against sneak enemies. His 4 health is enough to giving some thorn to them.

I would also talk a little about my enemies lane up, but won't too detailed as my lane up, just a my point of view in general about his lane up.


Let's see my enemy's line up. Tank with medium mana and high health is his first choice. Having void ability, this monster could stand even longer against magic enemies. Even if there is no magic, his super high health is enough to giving his team mates time to attack. Behind the tank, there is the monster with reach ability to giving 3 melee damage each turn. On 3rd position, just like me, he put the main hitter with low health. On the 4th position, he got the tenyii to giving sneak attack and help to survive against sneak monster with his medium health. On 5th position, he got the lava spider to giving 2 damage and stand with 5 health against sneak monster. And on the last, there is the venari with 4 health and 3 armor to stand against sneak monster. Overall, his line up is very solid, and he anticipated well the gobson that i had.


Does My Strategy is Worked ? :

If you want to watch the battle, please click the link of battle replay i've mentioned above.

The battle scene are also shown on gif below:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (61).gif

On 1st round, all buff are applied, all my squad are having the thorn while my enemies having 1 extra physical attack which cause them having scary damage there. I'm unlucky to get my opportunity monster getting killed first by the spy. I also lost my archer after getting hit by the lava golem and tenyii. My damage is not enough to eliminate any monster so it's ended up with 3 vs 6 situation in the end of 1st round. 😯

ezgif.com-gif-maker (62).gif

On 2nd round, i've got lucky that my enemies with the opportunity hit my gobson and not kill the gobsen. Instead, the spy is killed himself after getting hurt by the thorn. This trigger my gobson to get the bloodlust and give him attack and speed boost so she could attack first before the tenyii. He ended up killing the backline enemies and trigger another bloodlust then hurt the lava spider with 4 melee damage before getting eliminated by the tenyii. My bramble pixie also able to hit my enemy's tank so it's on 2 vs 3 condition in the end of second round.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (64).gif

On 3rd round, i'm able to eliminate my enemies tank after the pelacor are able to land damage after evade the brute attack. Tenyii is hurt after sneaking my bramble pixie and just having 1 health left. It's 2 vs 2 situation now in the end of 3rd round.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (63).gif

On 4th round, his tenyii are able to elimiate the pelacor after sacrifice himself being getting thorn. Now it's just 1 vs 1 but i've got the melee while my enemies got the range monster.


Discuss About Mylor Crowling :

What I Like About Mylor Crowling:

It's very obvious that this summoner is very useful because melee monster are favourite since having high damage and could attack from front position. With his thorn buff, even squad with lower stats could be a winner such as the match that i share. We could calculate that my enemy's attack power is far better than my team, without the thorn, they would easily wipe my team. Thanks for the thorn ability, my team ended up become a winner on this match.

What I Don't Like About Mylor Crowling:
He is very effective against melee monster, but having 0 effect against magic and range monster which makes him useless on no melee ruleset. Even on regular ruleset, facing enemies that spamming magic damage would cause him trouble. Ultra high mana cap ruleset will reduce his effectivity since there is another summoner with more abilities and people are tend to use high mana monster with high magic damage as well.

When to Use Mylor Crowling:
All melee ruleset is his favourite, as well another ruleset that makes melee monster having advantage. Medium low mana cap is also his area since melee monster are favourite here. Even on highest mana cap, if your enemies are having history to use melee monster as their favourite, you could use this summoner to easily counter them !
What to avoid Mylor Crowling:
No melee ruleset is a ruleset that you must avoid, trust me, there is no function from him except the level he bring to the monster. Be carefull against people that love spamming magic or range monster as well, because his thorn won't triggered against them. Fernheart that giving close range ability buff is something you must carefully anticipated since both summoners are having earth element.

What would i do next ?
I would love to use this summoner everytime i think my enemies will use the melee monster as their dominant monster. I would also love to try combine him with monster that having heal abilities to giving more thorn damage, as well trying to combined him with amplify monster as well to makes the thorn abilities even deadlier.



Mylor Crowling is very very effective for counter enemies with melee attack. Even if you have low damage, you can let your enemies hurt themselves whenever they attack with melee. Combined with monster with amplify could makes his thorn even dangerous. Getting monster with heal ability is good as well to give more health to hit by enemies and more thorn for them to receive. Be carefull of enemy that love spam magic and range monster since he got no effect against them. Fernheart that giving close range ability buff is something you must carefully anticipated since this new summoner are having earth element as well.


Final Words

Thank you for kindly read my post, i hope you enjoyed this post and could give another view about this summoner. Let me know if you got another view about this summoner on comment section. If you haven't play #Splinterland (the greatest battle card game), you can start join this #Play2Earn game using my referral link below to get a 60 Dec Bonus and A simple guide to start gain earn from this game with those DEC. (Just Dm me 😉 ).

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