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Hello guys, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog on Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge's Session. For this week Battle Challenge, i want to share about my battle on guild brawl when my monsters are seems weak !


~Lore of The Jared Scar~

Before we start taking about the battle, let's talk about the monster first. For those who loves a story, i bring you the lore of the Jared Scar (A lot of stories here 😂)

Jared Scar was born three hundred years ago, in a small town in Praetoria. His mother was a wealthy Ulund and lived a lavish lifestyle, coveting things that either others couldn’t afford or that shouldn’t be possessed. Her reckless life led to a number of encounters with undesirable characters, like Jared’s father. She had no idea he was a vampire when they spent that night together. She never heard from him again after that night, and then eight months later she gave birth to Jared.

Horrified to find herself with a child that was clearly different from the others, she quickly set about getting rid of him to preserve her reputation within the town. Paying a passing merchant to dispose of the “awful mistake”, she freed herself from the shame that would have befallen her name. However, the merchant couldn’t bring himself to destroy the baby, instead leaving it on the doorstep of his favorite arena in Ulundin. That was where Scar discovered Jared, wailing in a basket and so hungry he could milk a cow dry. Scar took Jared to his home in Ulundin city where the child quickly settled and grew to enjoy a fair life.

Scar was the owner of the Scarred Hand, a small band of novice battle mages, who he used to battle in local arena tournaments. When they weren’t fighting for him, they were rented to other Arena Masters. Scar made a paltry living from it, but as Jared grew older, he helped his adoptive father, showing a remarkable talent for the business. Also, his immense size and strength deterred most of the usual underhand tactics employed by rival Arena Masters.

What Jared could never understand though, were the differences between him and the other Ulund. When folk remarked upon the vicious fangs that lined his mouth, he would tell them how he had filed his tusks to look more imposing. And by the time people realized that he never seemed to age, they were too old and infirm for others to pay heed to their ramblings.

Jared was relatively young when Scar passed away. He was left an ornate chest by his guardian, and when he opened it, he found three items inside that were to change his life forever. A handful of scrolls that carried the title deed to a small arena within the city and ownership rights to the battle mages on their payroll; an iron studded club made from Snakewood, the hardest and most expensive wood in all Praetoria; and a single gold token with a magnificent arena engraved upon its face. Jared pledged that day he would honor his father’s dream and become the greatest Arena Master in all the land. And so began his monopoly on the famous arena games and the impressive buildings they were fought in.

Source: Lore


General Information About Jared Scar

Now that we knew about the lore of this Monster, let's have a look at his ability. The information about this monster's ability is shown below


This Legendary Light Reward Monster is my favourite on those ruleset that allows melee unit to attack from any positions (attacking front, opportunity, or sneak) because his high damage, true aim, and piercing ability. All those great ability could easiliy kills low health monster on one hit and what makes him more special is he got the bloodlust ability which is only gifted to the gladius card earlier. This is means he will got stats improvement everytime he eliminating enemies which makes him even faster, bigger, and deadlier ! At first leve, he only got the bloodlust ability, but already having 5 damage, his flaw is his slow speed (just 2) and health (just 4), but he still got 2 armor to stand against physical enemies. At lv 2, his low speed is nerf on the offensive side because he got the true strike ability, no monster are able to run from him now ! And on lv 3, he got those piercing ability to allow him hit enemies health after breaking their armor in 1 turn, and on max level, he got 7 melee damage and 6 health. With true hit and piercing, his attack would deal massive damage to most monster (except those having forcefield ability). He cost 7 mana which makes him suitable for medium high mana cap.




Battle Link:

My Lineup's Explanation :

Rules :


Before we discuss about the formation, here is the rules for this match
Melee Mayhem : Melee attack monster able to hit from any position ! Rules for Jared Scar !
Up to Eleven : All monster have the Amplify ability. Be careful of thorn !
46 mana cap: High mana cap, suitable for Jared Scar !
Splinter available : All splinters are available.

Summonerimage.pngFlyI want to use Daria but don't have the summoner at the moment, but this bloom Summoner is pretty usefull to go against any physical monster because his fly buff would giving chance for enemies to miss their attack.
Tankerimage.pngThornMelee mayhem giving high chance for those melee monster without any sneak, reach, and opportunity to play, and with his thorn ability combined with the amplify, this monster is effective to giving back any melee attack to enemies.
2nd Monsterimage.pngReach, Double Attackthis legendary CL monster is a great addition to attack with his double attack ability. Got pretty high health and armor as well to go as a second tank
3rd Monsterimage.pngProtect, halvingGreat addition for both offensive and defensive ability because he got pretty high damage and health, and giving armor to all teams as well. Plus, he could reduce enemies front monster into half with his halving skill. Suit with jared scar to give armor boost for him.
4th Monsterimage.pngSilenceThis ruleset often fools some people for preparing all his monster to go against melee monster while magic monster could hit them with the surprise. I put him on 4th position to stand long enough if enemies using magic monster .
5th Monsterimage.pngBloodlustPut him on 5th position as safe enough position against melee from front so he could bulk much with his bloodlust ability.
6th Monsterimage.pngvoid1 mana cost monster, clearly to decoy enemies with sneak ability.

I would also talk a little about my enemies lane up, but won't too detailed as my lane up, just a my point of view in general about his lane up.


Let's see my enemy's line up. The unicorn with high speed, damage, and health is pretty good to deal damage while hoping enemies would miss their attack. Got void ability as well to anticipate magic monster. Behind the unicorn, there is the disintegrator that is important on this ruleset to nerf all melee damage. Monster with taunt is on 3rd position to gather enemies damage into him. I think using taunt with heal is not very suitable as triage might be the right one to combine with, but if he want to help the tanker so much, it's okay. The regal peryton is on 4th position, this monster with high speed is often causing problem to all melee monster. Next is the support with it's healer and 2 magic damage, and for the last, there is range monster with blast ability. I think overall it's pretty standard line up build from my enemy, but having great attack variation to avoid the damage debuff.


Does My Strategy is Worked ? :

If you want to watch the battle, please click the link of battle replay i've mentioned above.

The battle scene are also shown on gif below: (56).gif

On 1st round, all buff and debuff are applied, my enemies failed to get magic addition because there is silence from my team, while my team got 1 melee debuff because of the disintegrator. On this 1st round, all teams are giving their attack but none is eliminated because bot team having monster with high enough health to stand against those attack that get debuff by each other. (57).gif

On 2nd round, my teams are able to eliminate the unicorn as well the mycleic slipspawn with it's taunt ability. Jared scar are able to get his bloodlust triggered after eliminating the unicorn. But on this round, i also lost my Djinn Chwala. Now it's 5 vs 4 for me ! (58).gif

On 3rd round, Jared Scar shown his deadly attack again after eliminate the disintegrator and get another bloodlust effect. Now all my teams are even deadlier because the melee attack debuff is no longer on them. My teams are still with 5 monster because the carnage titan is too strong to get eliminated this round. Now it's 5 vs 3 for me ! (59).gif

On 4th round, Jared scar got bloodlust effect again after eliminating Regal Peryton, followed by the crystall werewolf that eliminating goblin psychic. And coming on 5th round, Jared scar got his last bloodlust ability triggered after eliminating last enemies. 9 Damage, 6 Speed, 8 Armor, and 8 health is Jared Scar's latest stats !


Discuss About Jared Scar :

What I Like About Jared Scar:

As i've mentioned above, i love his offensive ability and stats. All those bloodlust, true strike, and piercing ability is everything physical monster needs to be a great damage dealer, and his 5 damage since the start makes him having great chance to trigger his bloodlust ability since the 1st round. I personally think bloodlust is very special effect is it was gifted to gladius card earlier.

What I Don't Like About Jared Scar:
I love Jared Scar with it's offensive abilit and stats, but he don't have the opportunity or sneak to go attacking from the back. He don't even having the reach ability to attack from 2nd position. What makes me even hate him is his low speed, armor, and health at the start which cause him easily got killed if we put him up front. Without any ruleset that giving him chance to attack from the back, i would not use this monster.

When to Use Jared Scar:
He really great to use when there is a ruleset that allow him to attack from anywhere. And i think this is the only chance for him to play, due to the reason i've mention above, he could easily get killed on the front.
What to avoid Jared Scar:
Thorn ruleset, and even all ruleset that not giving chance for him to attack from any position should be avoided 😅. Forcefield ability monster should be avoided as well because they will reduce his damage into 1 ! (Death monster are having taunt monster with forcefield now ! be careful ! )

What would i do next ?
I would try to combine him with taunt monster if i really had to use him from front position to avoid him getting hit as much as possible 😂.



Jared Scar having very dangerous offensive ability and stats, yet having low speed, health, and armor on his basis stats (without bloodlust). Any ruleset that allows him to attack from any position will be great for him, but on normal ruleset where he can't attack from front, i don't recommend to use this monster due to his low survival stats and ability.


Final Words

Thank you for kindly read my post, i hope you enjoyed this post and could give another view about this monster. Let me know if you got another view about this monster on comment section. If you haven't play #Splinterland (the greatest battle card game), you can start join this #Play2Earn game using my referral link below to get a 60 Dec Bonus and A simple guide to start gain earn from this game with those DEC. (Just Dm me 😉 ).

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~Thank You~


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