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Hello guys, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog on Splinterlands Weekly Socmed Challenge's Session. For this week Challenge, I want to share about how focusing your attack could lead you to win the game. Let's see how it goes !


The Way of Attack on Splinterlands

Splinterlands are giving opportunity for us to attack in many ways, here is some of it:
1. Basic Kind of Attack. On this basic kind of attack, all monster are attacking the front enemy. Melee are only able to attack on the front position (except when they got the reach ability to attack the front enemy as well). Magic monster will attack the front monster as well from any position, while range will attack the front enemy from 2th until 6th position (they were unable to attack from front position except there is close range ability). This is the only way that you were able to use 6 monster at a time to attack 1 monster (the front monster), except when there is taunting enemy. But be careful because this is the most anticipated way of attack and people are used to having hard tank to anticipate it;
2. Sneaking.

This is one of the most popular kind of attack people are loved to use for it's effectiveness and many monster option that having this ability. On this kind of attack, monster with sneak ability will attack the enemies backline (start from the last position). This is an effective ways to wipe enemies support or hitter to give massive advantage to the team, but you can't having all teams go sneaking because the tank will still attack the front enemy. Be careful as well to use this strategy because some monster like cornealus will give you thorn damage (he could heal as well !). For anticipating this strategy, some people are often put range or magic monster with highest health on the back to help them stand against the sneaker;

3. Opportunity


On this kind of attack, the target is the monster with lowest health, this mean you will have better chance to wipe enemies because the main target is the one with lowest health (which often are the main hitter or support, but could be a decoy as well!). While sneakers are able to blocked with high health backline, you can't block opportunity monster except by placing monster with lower health. All monster with 0 or 1 mana are doing great to became a decoy, but this would mean you will waste your mana only for decoying because they unlikely would give any attack, especially when you play on high mana cap. Against physical enemies, every-hungry skull is a great decoy with just 1 health but having high armor, thorn, and return fire abilities (on maxed lv).


4. Sniping


If you love using range or magic monster, you will have this kind of attack option. Snipers will attach enemies with ranged, magic, or monster with no attack that are not in the first position first. This is another option to wipe the main hitter or support (especially the support) that are often came as a monster with magic, range, or have no attack. But be carefull because some monster with no attack are having high health and great surviving ability such as gelatinous cube, lord arianthus, riftwing, atc. There are magic monster with great surviving ability as well such as the Djinn Oshanus that having void and phase to nerf magic attack, high speed to evade the physical attack, and forcefield to nerf more than 5 damage into just 1 !


Battle Example


Battle Link:

Lineup's Explanation :

Rules :


Before we discuss about the formation, here is the rules for this match
Armored Up : All monster started with 2 armor!
Reverse Speed : Monster with lower speed would attack first and having higher chance to evade.
30 mana cap: Medium mana cap, enough for getting many ways of play.
Splinter available : Earth, Life, Death, and Dragons are available.

Now let's discuss about the line up:

Summonerimage.pngMagic Reflect BuffSince there is armored up ruleset, i anticipate the chance of enemies would using magic monster that are able to hit while ignoring the armor. His magic reflect buff will give all monster the ability to giving back damage to the magic monster.
Tankerimage.pngVoidThe monster that would perform well against magic monster with his void ability and with magic reflect buff, it would be easy job to go against magic enemies. Cost just 4 mana, still a great monster to deploy with 7 health and 2 damage. Having low speed as well that suit this ruleset.
2nd Monsterimage.pngReachAnother melee monster, but having reach ability to attack enemies tanker. Having 2 melee attack and 2 speed as well, but having just 6 health. Still a nice addition for a 2nd tanker.
3rd Monsterimage.pngAfflictionEven if he got just 1 attack and low health, the affliction ability is very usefull against enemies with heal or backed with heal support. He also just cost 2 mana! Put him on 3rd position because i would take this monster eliminated when the 1st and 2nd monster are eliminated. I only need him to get the affliction on front enemies which often a hard tank. Looking at the enemies line up, he would be a key monster, right ? But actually he is not ! Haha. Just take a look at the battle reply i will share.
4th Monsterimage.pngPoisonWith 3 mana cost, 2 range attack and poison ability is enough for me to think that this spider is one of the best low mana attacker. But his high offensive potential cost him just having 3 health and 2 speed, but on this ruleset, those speed are useful ! Let's get the enemies poisoned and take 2 addition damage each turn !
5th Monsterimage.pngAfflictionAnother monster with affliction abilities, the main difference is that this monster having 4 range attack ! This makes him as my main hitter to eliminate the enemies. Put him on 5th position to get him safe enough from enemies that might attack from front position !
6th Monsterimage.pngDemoralizeJust like i've mentioned, monster with high health are best to put on last to go against the sneakers, and his demoralize to debuff their attack makes him even more effective ! Not just that, this spider having 3 range attack as well that makes him a deadly, hard skinned, and usefull debuffers on the back !

Now let's talk a little about enemies line up, i wouldn't put them 1 by 1 like my line up and will talk about it in general.


With +1 armor buff's summoner, they are prepared to go against physical damage because now they will started with 3 armor addition (there is 2 armor from the ruleset). He put the very hard tank on front, that having high health, fly, and heal abilities and backing him up with 2 healers ! He also got 2 monster with sneak ability to hurt my backline monster, and having another monster with 2 range attack to help another 3 monster to hit my front monster. This is a great formation to go against enemies with sneak strategy, because they will ended up having their hitter eliminate with the uraeus and stich leech, and in the end, a solo Uriel that are supported on early stage will be too hard to killed because himself having heal ability and would eliminate the rest of enemies !


Does My Strategy is Worked ? :

If you want to watch the battle, please click the link of battle replay i've mentioned above.

The battle scene are also shown on gif below: (52).gif

On the 1st round, all buff are apllied, enemies are having + 1 armor by it's summoner but having -1 melee attack debuff from my octopider. My monsters are just having the reflect shield buff. All monster are able to do attack except for the uriel that having recharge ability, no monster got eliminated but enemies tank got poisoned. Octopider strongly stand on the back for tanking the sneakers with his high health and demoralized. (53).gif

On 2nd round, there is a massive improvement on my side with enemy's Uriel are taken down. Now they don't have any other tank and left with 5 monster with just 4 health or below. On the other side, my teams still having complete squad. (54).gif

On 3rd Round, more enemies got eliminated with Uraeus and the Stich leech both eliminated this round. On the other side, i just lost my tank this turn, but still having 5 monster left. Now it's 3 against 5 ! (55).gif

On 4th Round, 2 more enemies are eliminated, and the enemy just having the venari crystallsmith that cannot doing any attack and just wait for it's time to eliminated on the 5th round. What a nice victory !


Discuss About The Match :

The difference style of both teams:
First is the way of both teams attacking. While my team is focus to eliminate the front monster, my enemy split the attack between to attack the front monster and sneaking the monster on the back.
There is also another different way of play that shown by both teams. While my teams are focussing on giving damage, my enemy is having 2 support on it's teams (which cause him losing some attack power). With a tank that having high health and a heal ability, they expect the tank to strong enough to handle the damage he received, but my teams damage is high enough to eliminate the Uriel.

Which strategy is best ?

There is no 1 best strategy on this game. One strategy is always having it's own counter. If i don't go full attack and having low health backline monster without any demoralize ability, the result might be different. In the end, this game is about trying out the best strategy with the ruleset given while trying to predict enemies line up and counter it. My focus damage on front enemies might get me lose as well if i face those monster with shield ability that supported well, or enemy with the return fire ability because i have many range monster on my side.



There is many strategy to win the game, either focussing on 1 monster or split the damage. Having go all attack or getting some support monster to complete the squad. No single strategy could win every game. Always pay attention on the ruleset and check enemies battle history, then decide your lane up by those information.


Final Words

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