Bronze - Water - Sea Monster counter

As many fighting in Bronze I I'm frequently facing Water - Sea Monster - Crustacean King lineups.

As usual, the key is to limit the Sea Monster power and find a way the get rid of the Crustacean, but that might not be easy if you are limited to Water splinter and none of your cards is maxed out for Bronze.

This is one of my favorite line ups:


Naga Windmaster and Frozen Soldier are really the key.
Our cold soldier is provided with a nice shield which will limit the damage it takes, and our friend the Windmaster will assure that Water Elemental (or even Axemaster 🤓) will deal no damage to our hero.
Next, the Halving Alchemist will cut in half the awesome Sea Monster power, and lastly our Captain's Ghost will remove the ability of the Sea Monster to heal, be it by itself or with the help of the Crustacean.

One more touch: your own Crustacean King to help the Soldier fight the odds of the battle.

Splinterlands -  (1).png

There you go: it's afflicted and halved and from now on to the you can watch your little minions take care of the enemies one by one.

Splinterlands -  (2).png

Note: he was smart in coupling the Sea Monster with Lobstradamus because it voids the utility of cards with Snipe ability, you must factor that into your tactics based on the available mana.