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Splinterlands Friends,

Hope everyone is having a good day. May every day be good and auspicious. Please pray for me so that I can have a good and auspicious time like you. For you, my undying love.

Welcome Everyone To My Daily Focus Point Reward & enjoy my post and watch my gaming video from YouTube Channel.

I am not satisfied with the rewards that I am sharing with you. You can understand why not satisfied by looking at my thumbnail. I am very disappointed with these rewards. How would you feel if you received these rewards? Please comment your opinion about this.

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I spent a lot of time and collected 7 reward boxes. I had high hopes to open 7 reward boxes and get a good amount of rewards. But according to what I expected, I did not get anything. But I will not give up hope. I believe that hope can save people.


Since there are no cards available in this focus point, I don't think it is necessary to write about cards or anything else.


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Stay healthy, stay well, stay safe and try to stay well.


Thanks everyone for reading and visiting my post.

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