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Welcome Everyone To My Daily Focus Point Reward & enjoy my post and watch my gaming video from YouTube Channel.

How are you dear friends? are you good? Hope you are all well and healthy. I am also happy to receive your love. I pray for you, may you always be healthy and be able to benefit people. Please pray for me to stay healthy and well.

Today is my holiday. I can't enjoy this day much. Because family work has to be busy. Still try to enjoy this day. On this day, I am very happy to share the game. But after opening 19 reward boxes, I was not satisfied with the rewards I received. Can anyone tell me why? How can I be satisfied if I open 19 reward boxes and don't get enough rewards? I thought I would get a lot of cards or SPS. But got only 5 cards and out of 5 cards got 2 rare cards and 3 common cards.

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The cards I got as rewards are leveled up. Out of 5 cards, 3 cards are level -3 and 2 cards are level -2 up. The cards are attractive to look at but some cards make the game look silly.

2. EVER-HUNGRY SKULL :- If this card makes a Magic attack, the card will take damage first. In that case, your team's strength will decrease.

5. EXPLODING RATS:- If this rare card is attacked by a magic card, it will be damaged first. But if ranged cards attack, chances are they will miss.

1. PELACOR MERCENARY- common card2. EVER-HUNGRY SKULL- common card3. VENARI HEATSMITH- common card
4. VENARI SEEDSMITH- rare card5. EXPLODING RATS- rare card

This post is late. Because one side is busy and the other is arranging posts. I was busy with these two. As everyone knows, focus point rewards are given only for 24 hours. The boxes you can collect during this period will be the focus point reward. After 24 hours this reward has no value, which I think.


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