Battle Challenge - Coeurl Lurker

Another season in Splinterlands is over, and another one begins....
I managed to finish in Gold League II and receive 50 season chests, the battles are more balanced and you need good cards to be in Gold League.
However the rewards format and several players try to move up to better leagues trying to receive better rewards, with me is no exception, I started renting stronger cards trying to get to Gold League I or even get to finish in Diamond League and be able to receive better chests at the end of the season.... hope the battles go well, with so many cards possible to play it is more difficult to find 6 cards that allow you to beat your opponent, but I will try to select the ones that are more important and that I use more often in battles.




Yesterday while I was on Discord, I saw mention of a @Bulldog1205 video on Youtube using Skargore + Coeurl

I have been watching and it is indeed amazing how many failed attacks against Coeurl Lurker are due to Enrage, Dodge and Phase.
So I decided to test a similar combo to see if in fact it is true to happen



For this battle with 23 Mana available we had as a set of rules no healing cards and Enrage ability.
It wasn't much Mana to test the combo, and there was no advantage to using Skargore because the ruleset already had Enrage.
A good option would be Conqueror Jacek Summoner, giving +2 speed, Scattershot and Piercing but I decided to go into battle with Pyre giving +1 speed to my cards.

my team.gif


So for tank card I chose Coeurl Lurker with Taunt ability would be the target of attacks by the opponent's cards. Having Dodge has the chance of evading Melee and Ranged attacks, and being a battle with Enrage, its speed will be increased, making it difficult for the opponent to hit it with his attacks if he chooses Melee or Ranged attack cards.
In the second position Supply Runner would further increase the speed of my cards, having 2 Ranged attack cards was a good option, despite taking up 6 Mana.



In the third position Creeping Ooze would slow down the opponent's cards, increasing the chance of Dodge working, because the opponent will also have Enrage ability on his cards.
Lastly Imp Bowman with 2 Ranged attacks, thus filling the total Mana available.
This team is set up with the intention that the opponent does not choose Magic attack cards, otherwise I have no chance in battle, because the cards are focused on allowing Coeurl Lurker to dodge attacks.



Full Battle Here

Seeing the opponent's cards I am excited that I only chose Melee attack cards, but on the other hand, his Summoner reduced the attack of my Ranged cards and gave 3 Armor to all his cards, where Piercing ability here would have been better, because it will be tricky to destroy the Armor of all the cards, thus allowing the opponent's cards to survive more rounds and consequently end up eliminating my Coeurl Lurker tank.

Starting the battle...

My cards attack manages to knock out Pelacor Conjurer's Armor, and Feral Spirit manages to hit my tank getting enraged, now it is to watch if Dodge comes into action... round 1 all the opponent's cards miss with their attacks....

Moving on to round 2...

Coeurl Lurker eliminates Pelacor Conjurer, giving way for Silvershield Assassin to take the lead position...
It is this Armor on the opponent's cards that greatly complicates my attacks, which becomes more time consuming, coming time for the opponent to attack.... one by one...all cards miss with their far, Dodge making a difference in the battle.

Round 3....

Coeurl Lurker eliminates Silvershield Assassin's Armor, and Imp Bowman's attack allows Silvershield Assassin to have Enrage ability increasing its speed to 5, however it fails with its attacks, being Feral Spirit that manages to hit my tank's Health, just the only one so far to achieve that feat, where again the opponent's remaining cards again miss with their attacks.


Reaching the fourth round, Coeurl Lurker easily eliminates Silvershield Assassin, and Feral Spirit leads the opponent's team, being a danger because it was the only card that could reach my tank without being in Enrage mode, and having 3 Armor, it will take three rounds to eliminate it and already being in Enrage mode...

And again Feral Spirit can reach my tank, the only one to achieve this feat...

Arriving at round 5.... Imp Bowman allows Feral Spirit to enter Enrage mode increasing its attack and speed, not enough to eliminate my tank, but leaving it with only 1 Health point, being necessary to win this battle that no other card can hit my tank and that Coeurl Lurker on the sixth round can eliminate Feral Spirit.

And so it happens, in the sixth round Coeurl Lurker manages to eliminate Feral Spirit, the only card so far that could reach his Health, although the opponent still has 3 Melee attack cards, they have their speed reduced, they can hardly hit my tank, however they will have plenty of opportunities because my cards will take a few rounds to eliminate them due to their Armor.

Round by round it's just seeing Dodge in action, where none of the cards can hit Coeurl Lurker, ending the battle on round 11, with a total of 24 Misses by the opponent!



Indeed, Coeurl Lurker's Enrage skill makes him a real beast to his opponents, allowing him to dodge numerous attacks in this battle.
The main problem in my attacks was the Armor granted to all the opponent's cards, where I would have had more advantage if I had used Conqueror Jacek, but on the other hand this victory was only possible because the opponent did not choose Magic attack cards.


Thanks for reading until the end, i hope you liked my post.
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