Goal achieved, Diamond League


In my last post I mentioned that this season I had switched from Wild to Modern format in ranked battles with the intention of reaching the Diamond League.


It was quite complicated at the beginning of the season to start with 0 rank and change the cards I was used to using in battles, but with dedication I managed to reach the Bronze and Gold League in the first days of the season.
During the season I managed to keep rank in Gold League II by renting some cards, now that I was on the eve of ending the season, my rank was around 2500 but I couldn't compete entering Win Streak to more easily climb rank.

So I decided to take a chance and rent Yodin Zaku at level 2, on the market the card was for 365 dec, quite high but if I could increase my rank to the point of reaching the Diamond League it was worth the dec spent.


With Yodin Zaku it increases my chance of victory, but it is not always possible to use it before the rule set for each battle.
After several battles between winning and losing I managed to keep my rank close to entering the Diamond League, and after a few wins in a row I managed to surpass the rank of 2800 and thus enter the Diamond League.

I was very excited because I have been playing Splinterlands for over a year, and today for the first time I achieved this feat.


So I share the battle that got me close to getting access in the Diamond League



Given this set of rules it goes without saying which Summoner I used for the battle, but I had to be careful with the tank card and the Snipe attack target card because there wasn't much Mana to make up the battle with strong cards.

So as a tank I chose Venari Heatsmith spending little Mana and having armor protected from initial attacks.
In the second position, Tenyii Striker to make way for the tank, but first manage to attack in the first round.
In the third position, Lava Launcher would be the target of Snipe attacks, having armor could protect from Ranged attacks but weak against Magic attacks.
Since speed was essential, I chose cards with good speed so as not to be among the last to attack each round, and so in fourth position I chose Serpentine Spy with Opportunity skill.
At the fifth position Ash Mirage with Headwinds ability, reduced the Ranged attack of the opponent's cards.
And to finish Ferexia General, all cards would gain Blast ability due to Yodin Zaku, and being Target Practice ruleset, all my cards targeted the defensive lines to be able to apply Blast to as many cards as possible.


Full Battle Here

The opponent presents very strong cards and due to the Summoner the speed of the cards is increased where it can surpass my cards in speed.
Also due to the Scattershot ability the Ranged and Magic attack cards attack random targets.
Because of this my Serpentine Spy card ends up being eliminated early in the round without being able to attack by Djinn Apprentice's attack, where it complicated the battle by being one of my cards with higher speed but fewer health points.
On the other hand, when my turn comes to attack, due to the Blast I manage to eliminate Flame Monkey and later Djinn Apprentice, where several cards fail with their attack due to the difference in speed.
Ending the round Grum Flameblade fails to eliminate Venari Heatsmith and thus does not apply Bloodlust for the time being.


Starting the second round, Radiated Brute is in Enrage mode due to the Blast of the initial round, and thus begins the round eliminating my tank card, giving way to Tenyii Striker, which fortunately with the attack suffered by Blood Maker is left with 5 points of health, enough to withstand the attack of Grum Flameblade.
But before that I manage to eliminate Blood Maker and Radiated Brute and the battle becomes very balanced, where the health points have been essential to keep the cards in battle and resist the opponent's attacks.


In the third round, the battle is very fast because of the Blast, and I can eliminate Tenyii Striker, leaving only Grum Flameblade for the opponent.
Grum Flameblade manages to eliminate Tenyii Striker and apply Bloodlust, but now he's facing Lava Launcher that hasn't suffered any attacks yet and due to the Close Range ability can attack in the front line.
So it's two cards vs. Grum Flameblade who ends up being eliminated and can win this very demanding battle.



Due to this victory I increased my rank another 38 points to 2784, earning 29.002 RP and 0.564 SPS.
After this battle there was only one more victory left to get into the Diamond League, which I got right away.
No doubt that in this battle Yodin Zaku made a big difference for his Buffers to my cards, not only for the Blast effect and increasing the Ranged attack, but also for increasing the health points of my cards, essential to have been able to withstand the opponent's attacks and not be eliminated only with one attack and being able to fight for more rounds.


Goal accomplished tomorrow is to enjoy the experience of battling in a competitive League with experienced players, and having already the guarantee that next season I will receive Diamond Chests when the season ends.


Thanks for reading until the end, i hope you liked my post.
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Until next time!



Congratulation, Once I too was able to enter the diamond league, now I have not been able to re-enter that league for many weeks


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