HI Frinds,
to day I am going to open Gladius pack.

It is quite interesting to know which Gladius pack card I gopt as still I do not have any legendary card in my collecion and. It has been said as the gladius pack involve in game th cards are very unique and were able to do enough damage to the opponent team s the they annot recover.




I am excited with the glowing spark of pack and looking for stones as my uild is not able to mark to reach till now.

Not fortunate in this pack to get any good epic or legendary card


Orella Abadon.png
The oldest Gladiator who has chosen to join the professional camp is Orella Abadon, and she is known as being from the Smoldering Forest settlement in the Burning Lands called Balfair. Her only non-human trait is her long, pointed ears, but she is Efreet. The face and arm striped sickle tattoos that are adorned on her each represent a battle won in her lifetime, with each stripe representing a single kill within that battle. Orella has learned many tricks from all sorts of people in her long and storied travels, and is incredibly handy with spears of all sizes. It is viewed by others that she is an outsider who is too old to put on a good show in the arena, but they could learn much from this gray-haired warrior. They will be proven wrong by Orella, who knows that she has many remaining years of strength in which to do so.


Witch of Warwick.png

One of the most dreaded Fighters in the Mount Mox arena doesn't even wield a weapon during battles. Instead, the Witch of Warwick has a mass of trinkets and tools of spellcraft entangled in her bushy purple hair. If her opponents observe carefully, they can see her delving into the untidy, chaotic tresses atop her head, extracting objects and caressing them with her bony fingers. She cradles and whispers to them as though they were playthings of a lonely child, cackling to herself while summoning up frightening curses and enchantments. Adversaries rarely anticipate the Witch's attack, but they can be certain that she will always unleash new, bone-chilling surprises on the battlefield.

Despite most people's assumptions, the Witch of Warwick was brought up in a prosperous Beluroc family. Her mother is a renowned conductor of one of the four screeching orchestras, and her father is a curator of some of the most grotesque art pieces that have ever existed. Although the Witch (whose name is kept secret) has the full backing of her family in the Gladiators' Circle, her father must never leave his art, which would grow enraged and inflict significant destruction upon the living city. It is whispered that the Witch obtained her bizarre magical powers through one of these ancient, charged paintings.


Bertrol Gobson.png
Bertrol, frequently hailed as the hero of deceivers, is the heir to the Gobson family fortune. He is the eldest son of Rock and the late Korla, and although he seldom followed in his parents' footsteps, he is revered by both goblins and humans. The people of Lyveria believe that he is fated to bring lasting peace to the precarious relationship between the two rival races, and the goblins of Gobson anticipate that he will make more effective administrative decisions for their people than his parents ever could. However, he often finds himself embroiled in his sister Katrelba's escapades, who was born a mere few months after him and has always harbored resentment towards him for not inheriting the city herself. Although he was not requested by his father to accompany Katrelba as a Gladiator to Mount Mox, he went voluntarily. He has always been almost inseparable from his sister and fiercely protective of her (often to a fault.) While she battles the Dragons and other Splinterlands monsters, Bertrol and his axe will be by her side to shield her.

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