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He is renowned by numerous titles: Devourer of Mortality, Sovereign of Devastation, The Infectious. Usut embodies all these aspects, but above all, he is the Everlasting. Only those who have experienced the proximity of death and traversed its corridors can genuinely appreciate the pleasures of life. Usut comprehends this fact all too well... thus, who else could be more adept at tormenting and persecuting the living?

He is revived as a revenant by the Lord of Darkness himself, three hundred years after his demise. Lagfael discovered the lifeless body of the crimson dragon atop a mound of bones and riches in the cavernous lair within the Black Glacier on Mortis, preserved within a frigid tomb of ice. Something about the dragon pleased him immensely, prompting him to unleash an ancient incantation, allowing life to once again infuse the majestic drake.

Usut presently soars across the skies of the Splinterlands. His eerie cries serve as a proclamation to all: the approach of death is inevitable, and it is merely a matter of time before it reaches you. He serves as Lagfael's personal harbinger of doom, a being devoid of fear. Legend has it that gazing upon his horrifying countenance is akin to inviting death into one's very soul. Historical records speak of those who, whether courageous or foolish, dared to attempt slaying the Undying. Their remains lie intermingled with countless others, strewn across Usut's funeral pyre of mortality. Never before has the undead manifested as such a harrowing nightmare.

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In the heart of a treacherous cavern, the valiant knight stood firm, facing the formidable presence of Usut. With unwavering determination, he drew his sword, and as if responding to his noble spirit, the blade became cloaked in ethereal flames that shimmered with divine power.

Usut, the imposing figure upon his mound of bones, shifted restlessly. The movement triggered a cascading avalanche of skeletal remains, filling the air with an ominous clatter. Lowering his massive head, he fixed his piercing gaze upon the knight. His voice, deep and resonant, reverberated through the cavern, filling every crevice with a chilling echo. "And what do you hope to achieve with that?" he rumbled, the remnants of a colossal skull tumbling down the mound, adding to the eerie spectacle.

Undeterred, the knight raised the visor of his helmet, revealing eyes ablaze with unwavering resolve. "I shall strike you down and return you to the grave where you belong," he declared, his voice carrying the weight of righteousness.

A thunderous laughter erupted from Usut, reverberating off the cavern walls like a tempest. "That would be quite the feat," he bellowed, extending his menacing claws, causing the bones beneath him to clatter and resettle. "You cannot extinguish the undying."

Unswayed by Usut's taunts, the knight's conviction burned brighter. "My divine flames shall cleanse your impure form and deliver your soul," he proclaimed, ascending the treacherous mound of bones. As he ascended, the flames on his sword surged with renewed intensity, a testament to the strength of his faith.

"And now, I am bored," Usut retorted, his patience waning. With a jaw wide open, revealing rows of sharp, gleaming teeth, he released a torrent of violet flames. The scorching blaze consumed the knight, obliterating his plate armor, and causing flesh to slough off bone. The hapless warrior met his inevitable demise, his life snuffed out before he could comprehend the gravity of his situation.

As the echoes of battle faded into silence, the Undying let out a yawn, his immense form turning in a slow circle. Settling down amidst the remains of fallen warriors, his serpentine tail curled protectively around him. Fatigue settled upon him, and he gradually drifted into a deep slumber, his presence an eerie testament to the undying nature of his existence. The knight's remains, still smoldering, served as a somber reminder of the futility of mortal valor against the forces of the eternal.


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