Summaryof townhall meeting : Splinterlands


Town Hall meeting Summary

In this meeting held on yesterday in which various members of the team gave updates on the company's progress. The team members introduced themselves, and then Investygator discussed updates, such as asset locking, new optional parameters in the marketplace, and improvements to the data logged for promo card sales.

Chatter gave a marketing update, including information about the company's collaboration with Chibi Dinosaurs to build a new game using the Invennium platform. The team works on attribution and retention, SEO, backlink partners, and subdomain blogs to increase domain rating and drive new SERP listings.

They also focus on partnerships, surveys, and new game modes to engage players and monetize the game. Weirdbeard discussed updates on Brawlhalla, including the upcoming promo card, validators, Land 1.5, bug cleanup, and tech modernization. Additionally, new player tutorials and new game modes are on the horizon, and a ghost tournament is scheduled for Friday.

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