Today I had a Fire Quest

The last few days I have had problems with the daily quests. The quest I had on the last day of the season was an Earth quest which I completed then when I tried to claim the reward it gave an error message. I tried again later that evening to claim the reward and again an error but then the claim button went away and the countdown timer showed up. The next day I completed another Earth quest but since it was a new season and I was bumped down to silver league I got two legendary potions. Today I got three rewards and getting 146 DEC isn't bad, so hopefully I continue getting decent rewards. Not sure what happened on the day the season ended becuase I could not claim my end of season rewards for about 3 hours.


If you are thinking about joining the fun in Splinterlands click on my link below.

Another game I really like to play is Rising Star. If you have not played it yet I highly recomend it and it doesn't cost anything to start in it. Here is my link to Rising Star.


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