Tough battles and a snipe reward


Todays battles were another day of difficult battles where I feel I lost more then I won. I have been experiencing these tough battles under certain rule sets. What I have noticed is that I have continued to increase the levels of my strongest cards while I did not worry about the weaker, less mana, and more common cards. I have seen that some rule set don't have any of my strong cards and leave me to battle Gold level opponents with weak common cards. I guess the only fix for this is to play more and continue leveling up all my cards.

Today I started my Snipe daily quest by loosing six battles in a row. I then won one, lost one, and won a second. I figured I needed to walk away and come back later, which is what I did. I came back to my snipe quest and lost the first two battles then turned it around, partially because the battles allowed higher mana cards. In the end I stayed in Gold and received the following rewards, which are not bad at all.


If you are thinking about joining the fun in Splinterlands click on my link below.

Another game I really like to play is Rising Star. If you have not played it yet I highly recomend it and it doesn't cost anything to start in it. Here is my link to Rising Star.

Good Luck to everyone!


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