Blasting Enemies Away in the Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - Elven Cutthroat!

**Hi guys! It’s shadow346 again! **This is my contribution to the weekly Splinterlands challenge using the Elven Cutthroat. I normally don’t use the cutthroat often, but it does make for a great filler character. Opportunity monsters often go for the elf first since it has such low health. I normally assume that the elf will not survive past the first round. However- it does make an enemy monster spend one turn going for your weakest character instead of a stronger character. The elf can be nice to throw in, but won’t win any battles on its own. You have to choose your team carefully!

Watch the battle here on mobile:

Summoner Strategy

For my battle, I used the summoner that gives the entire team flying. This made the enemy team miss a few times which was PERFECT to let my team last longer. I just needed my characters to stay alive long enough to throw out some attacks. The blast damage, thorns ability, and healing factor did the rest.

Formation Strategy:

I used the dragon Djinn in the front. He has the thorns ability so any melee monster that attacks me will also get hurt. I love using him to wear down the enemy frontline. He doesn’t heal though so unless you have a healer, don’t expect him to last forever as your tank!

Next, I have the sand worm. He has decent health and massive attack. If he survives even a few rounds, the enemy team will be SEVERELY weakened.

After the sandworm, I added the cutthroat to protect the back characters who needed to last longer due to being archers. My two archers both have blast which helps to slowly eat away at the enemy team’s health. The match up was random but my team was a great team to go against the annoying shield guy! You guys know who I’m talking about!

In the back, I have the best boi Cerberus who helped to keep my archers alive longer due to his healing factor. They can’t use sneak to kill off my back character if he’s constantly healing! What a good boy! As you saw in the battle, Cerbie and his regen ability saved the day! Extra treats for the doggo tonight~!

I hope you guys liked it and feel free to give advice!


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