RE: SPS Governance Proposal - Sell 2B DEC-B for DEC or Vouchers

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I 100% agree that there are too many currencies in the game. Honestly, I think they should've just stuck with one. I know DEC came before SPS, but SPS should've been the first and only token that the game has. You can earn it, you can buy things with it, you can stake it. That's it. No vouchers, no DEC, especially no merits (it sucks getting those if you're not in a guild), and 1000% no DEC-B.

They must have too many cooks in the kitchen or something, even after the layoffs. The frequency with which major changes are proposed is alarming at this point. I understand that we're in dire times and the future is uncertain, and that can cause people to overreact. But if the overreactions end up killing the game, that will truly be a shame.


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