TO THE MAX: Oshuur Constantia -- PLUS, I got a RUNI



Maxed out: Oshuur Constantia

It's been a while since I made one of these posts, but this card feels special enough to warrant a TO THE MAX post. Back in the Beta days, when I was working on the collection I foolishly sold, I used to post about the cards I got to max level. That's still my goal for most cards whenever new collections are released, but I just don't post about it as much anymore.

This Oshuur Constantia card has some pretty damn impressive stats, though. Resurrect, reflection shield, and tank heal. Because it's a Dragon card, it can be combined with cards from other splinters that also have healing and resurrecting abilities, for some pretty powerful teams.

Screen Shot 20221026 at 4.36.36 AM.png

Part of what made me want to max out this card was this video by @synist3r:

Typically, I watch all of his videos on YouTube, but this one in particular made me feel like buying a card. If it doesn't work out, though, I won't blame anyone.

Also: I got a RUNI

I didn't mint this Runi, however. There's a decent chance I may have paid too much for it in the short term, but I do feel like the value of Runi will only go up as time passes. The card itself should hopefully be pretty powerful.

When the time came to get on the whitelist to mint one, I was working, like I always seem to be whenever they have some big sale. I missed out on that, but with everyone on SplinterlandsTV and various YouTube channels geeking out so much about Runi, I decided to buy one.

Truth be told, I don't really know shit about these types of NFTs, and I picked this one because it was toward the lower end of the price range and I thought it looked cool. The head looks like a weird bowling ball or something.


I'm hoping to mint one during the general sale, and maybe I'll do some switching of traits or something. We'll see!

Have an awesome day!


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