BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! Fab Four in tournament

This post is an entry to the BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge!



Description: Up to Four Units can be used.

Info: You can only have 4 units.

The Battle

Battle RulesetsDescriptionInfo
HOLY PROTECTIONAll Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.Monsters that normally have this ability do not get it twice. The trick to win in this ruleset is to fill all 6 slots of your lineup and use monsters with Blast and Double Strike. Use a monster or summoner that has Resurrect to use this ruleset at its maximum potential.
WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOUAll Monsters have the Enrage ability.Increase Melee attack and Speed when damaged. Values are multiplied by 1.5 and rounded up. Prefer Melee monsters with Sneak, and Opportunity in the back row.
FABFOURUp to Four Units can be used.You can only 4 units.


This was a modern bronze tournament game, with high mana and only with 4 monsters.

Kelya Frendul - She is a good starting point in this type of battle. Speed and Armor boost are important in almost every game and good combo with Egrage ability.
Arkemis the Bear - My best natural big tank armor and halfling ability good for almost every game. I need to fill the board with a good high mana monster and the Bear is perfect for this.
Baakjira - My favorite tank/off-tank monster of the water monsters. Very good health with heal and void and good support abilities.
Kulu Mastermind - One of the key legendary card in the actual soulbound set. Very good fit with Baakjira.
Djinn Oshannus - My old all-time favorite legendary reward card with excellent speed and good magic damage. Nowadays I use it a little less, but still a strong monster and a good fit to full the board with high mana monsters in this game.

Battle - Replay

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Luckily, yes.

But there is a better team:

Battle Results

Tournament Results

Unfortunately I arrive in the last minutes of the tournament, so I didn't have enough time to submit all my team :(

What I don't like in the new tournament format?

  • Firstly cause it is free many players join these tournaments
  • Is very hard to go to the second round, so If you lose 3-4 games, you have no chance
  • In that case most of the time I do not play the rest of the games
  • And only a few places get paid
  • And because of the above there are plenty of fled games

But a very good change is coming, more players get paid and this solves most of the problems I think: