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A wave carried Nerissa quickly to the shore. A small village awaited her, bordered by the jungle and currently drenched in the raging thunderstorm.

A worker on the dock held up his lantern, squinting. Then he gasped. “Nerissa the Hurricane!”

Nerissa's bare feet made contact with the gritty sand. She strode quickly towards him. “We must gather everyone in the village! A great wave is coming. I will lead the people to safety on higher ground.”

“Yes, ma'am!” he turned and rushed off towards the homes.

Nerissa turned to look out at the angry ocean. The wild wind whipped her hair back from her face. No one would die tonight. Not on her watch.


Nerissa Tridawn is a high mana (9) strong magic monster without abilities, but with good base stats. She is the queen of the Back to the Basic games.



Market prices

As most of the time, the GF Epic card is almost 8x more expensive than the regular foil.


The max level has around 20% ROI.


The Battle


Battle RulesetsDescriptionInfo
FEROCITYAll monsters have the Fury ability.-
MELEE MAYHEMMelee attack Monsters can attack from any position.If you have melee monsters in the back-line with Sneak or Opportunity, those abilities take precedence. Select a summoner that increases melee attack or a summoner that reduces melee attack of enemies + a tank with Shield. Thorns, Inspire, Blast, Retaliate help in this ruleset.
HEALED OUTAll healing abilities are removed from Monsters and Summoners.You can skip monsters and summoners having Affliction. Life Leech is not impacted by this ruleset.


It was a high-mana Melee Mayhem game. So I don't put any melee monsters in my team :)

Lux Vega - My ultimate choice most of the time. I expected some melee monsters from the enemy so the speed and armor were especially important. The +1 Health is always good, never bad.
Baakjira - Very high health tank, with no attack, but good support abilities. Unfortunatelly heal was not work in this time, but that was not a problem.
Djinn Oshannus - My speedy off-tank, with good defensive skills and good magic attack.
Axemaster - Unfortuantelly I only had level 1 version of him, but he did few damage, cause Quix remove one attack point from him.
Venari Wavesmith - My first big DPS/support monster, I put it it into the middle to keep alive enough time. The armor boost was a good choice.
Phantom of the Abyss - My other level 1 monster of this game, but in level 1 he is still a fantastic magic monster with very good skill against pshycal monsters.
Nerissa Tridawn - Monster of the week. She is an absolute beast with 5 mana magic and 11 health. Luckily I could grab it for rent for cheap price.

Battle - Replay


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes. My two high health tanks were enough to survive the game until my other minions kill the enemies. My enemy uses 2 resurrect minion, so I had to kill her/his tank three time :) My fast team was able to handle the enemy, so it was not a problem. My backline DPS team did a decent work. You can even win some games in Diamond 1 with Level 1 monsters :)


Battle Results


Do you like gold foil NERISSA TRIDAWN? Why or why not?

Yes I like it, but the regular foil with is cheaper a lot, so I prefer that in this case too. Maybe once I will a whale and collect gold foil cars...

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