SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! STONE GOLEM - Beat Level 5 monsters with Level 1 cards


Today my quest was the Earth quest. So I decided to try to participate in the share your battle weekly challange for the very first time.


This post is an entry to the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge - Stone Golem.

Stone Golem (Level 1)

Splinter: Earth
Edition: Alpha/Beta
Rarity: Rare
Mana Cost: 5
Mele Attack: 1
Speed: 1
Armor: 2
Health: 6
Ability: Shield

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Stone golem is a cheap and strong tank from the base set, so everyone can use it. The shield ability is make him a very durable against all incoming Melee/Ranged damage. Only magic can counter him easily. So I decided to use him when Lost Magic ruleset is appeared.

Battle Rules

RulesetMana capAvaiable Splinters
Lost Magic24Earth, Life Death


Summoner / MonsterComment
Mylor CrowlingWhen no magic is allowed Mylor is one of the best summoner with the Thorn abillity.
Stone GolemNo magic so he become a very strong tank
Goblin ThiefCheap and strong 4 mana Sneak monster.
Furious ChickenA good shield for snipe/opportunity in this position.
Halfling AlchemistA good card for decrease more the incoming attacks.
Javelin ThrowerShe is a good dps with high speed for low mana.
Earth ElementalCheap and a very strong backline ranged attacker for only 3 mana, can survive a lot of sneak attack.

Battle - Replay


Did your strategy work?

Absolutely! I successfully defated the strong enemy team with level 3 and 4 monsters only with level 1 cards. Stone Golem is keep alived for the whole time. Goblin Thief and Javelin Thrower mainly did the damages and the Chicken and the Alchemist did the support jobs.
After my matches I always check the Winning chances on In this case I wins 82% of the time.


What will you try differently next time?

We always need to learn from our matches. In this case I not used all of my manas, what is a big mistake in most of the times. If I change Javelin Thrower to Gargoya Devil I could win 95% of the times! In Lost Magic ruleset the Devil has a better survivability because of his armor.


Do you like the Stone Golem? Why or why not?

Yes I like Stone Golem in case of the ruleset is Lost Magic. In other matches I prefer more Flash Golem or the bigger tanks.