Meme/SPS Governance Tutorial: Vote No to Prop One. Give Prop One the Bone.

SPS Governance.png

Where to find Proposals

Splinterlands just released their test proposal which you can find in the SPS dashboard by clicking the sps currency, and then clicking the tab next to Pools labeled Proposals as pictured below:

Screenshot 2022-08-24 7.34.33 AM.png

Where to Read Proposals

While this post is mostly for fun and satire, you can read a more official explanation of the new proposal system and the test proposal here: SPS Governance First Proposal or by clicking the header: SPS Governance First Proposal #1 pictured below:

Screenshot 2022-08-24 7.35.03 AM.png

What is Required for a Proposal to Pass

In this test proposal to gauge interest in SPS Goverenace, a mininum of 108m SPS must vote for a proposal to pass, and a mininum of 75% approval is required to pass any proposal. For the memes and for freedom, lets vote down proposal one! Give Prop One the Bone!!!

Let's prove we can vote down something the top three SPS whales and almost the entire dev team voted in favor. Do it for freedom. Do it for Memes, but most of all do it for Dave Chapelle!!!


How can I see Who Voted

You can even have FULL Transparency by clicking on the percent voted for or agaisnt to see all votes ordered by SPS weight. This is a great way to see people putting their money where their mouth is in action! Sometimes great ideas get shot down because they aren't as unanimous as they seem, and this is a great way to visually represent that. It also opens the door to open discussion and is a great step in community engagement.

Screenshot 2022-08-24 7.16.39 AM.png

Screenshot 2022-08-24 7.18.41 AM.png

Special shout outs to Fighter4-Freedom, Cryptomancer, MattClarke, Cyberblock, WarlockLord, ShinLoDragon, MonsterMaverick, AussieNinja, and LegendaryCanary for loving kittens and hating opression. Except LegendaryCanary, but birds understandably don't like kittens. I assume. I don't know. I think I read it on the internet.

How Do I Vote

Vote NO on Proposal One today by clicking either of the arrows above the Green/Red Bar. After you've clicked the button, it will glow the color of your choice. Stand up and be heard today!!!

We can and will do this!!! Show the whales they don't have enough SPS. They can't have enough SPS. They never will have enough SPS.

Screenshot 2022-08-24 8.05.21 AM.png


This has been a paid meme-ertisement paid for by the Sketchy Super PAC that is totally legit and above the board. Why do you ask? This proposal does not endorse any one candidate, as it only seeks to watch the world burn. This post does not descriminate based on the Gender, Sexual Orientation, or any other Protected Class. Bots are not a protected class. Push and Shove. Not Enough SPS for everyone. Side Effects of SPS Governance include: Visualization that not everyone likes what you like, more interactive community engagement, A +10000% traffic to top SPS stakeholder's DM's, and less blaming Aggroed for everything. Please consult your doctor if you experience any of these side effects to determine if SPS Governance is right for you. Not Financial Advice. I am not your Doctor. I am not even a Kinesiologist. If you've read to the very end, what is wrong with you? Who hurt you? Do you have someone to talk to? Hit me up in DM.

ANYONE but Sketchy for President 2024!


Brilliant idea. Giving you a !1UP so it gets more visibility. Also sharing on my twitter handle as well as in my forum.

Downvote the test proposal to prove we small fish have freedom against whales. For the freedom!


Thank you! I think SPS Governance is a great idea, and I'm estatic it's ingame instead of on the Binance Smart Chain as they originally planned.

Would be really cool if we pull off the social experiment too, but I'd just be happy to have more people engaged with the new feature!


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