End of Season Blues :(

peak rentals.png
That time is upon us again. For those of us who rent out our entire collections, it must surely feel the same for everybody.
I'm of course referring to the end of the season, where all of our happily rented cards are speedily unrented in preparation for the massive drop in Dec prices that marks the start of every Splinterlands season.
For some, it means a lot of work. Even I, with a mere 182 rentable (higher than 0.1 DEC) cards find it a bit of a chore to get through. Particularly after a late one at work - such as today.
Usually, I leave it a day or two to let the market settle somewhat before working my way through trying to get as much DEC for my collection as possible. And, after a late one, why not leave it for a day? Jumping in too soon could mean I actually end up getting less DEC overall, as the prices are so dynamic.
I think I'm going to check out delegation as a possible earner. If anyone has any advice that they'd like to impart on that, I'd be extremely grateful if you shared it.
Peace and love, Splinter Crew.

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