Sloth.Buzz Curation Report 22 Feb

Happy Hump Day Sloths, Let's get a buzz on and curate the best content on Sloth.Buzz this week!

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Post directly via, post into the Slothbuzz community on Peakd or Ecency, or use hashtag: #slothbuzz! You'll earn Slothbuzz tokens which can then be staked to help curate the best content on Sloth.Buzz!



Big News this week, Sloth.Buzz MEME contest rages on, now with new Daily and Weekly prizes! There's never been a better time to get your MEME on! - Link

CryptoRadio.FM is open and still looking for awesome artists to get involved. It's time to add your Music + Podcast submissions, and get your content to ears worldwide! - Link

We're always excited to hear YOUR ideas about Shows/Music worth sharing!

@Slothburn continues their journey to burn slothbuzz tokens!
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This Week's big music section news, CryptoRadio.FM is open for YOUR music submissions! Get your music to ears worldwide! - News - Listen - Music Upload


@RavenMus1c is back and Hiving! A warm welcome to Raven!

Check out her latest post as she talks about her recent challenges and moving forward - Link

This post raises some great talking points, about Mental Health, Hiving and work-life balance! Sometimes we all need a little Sloth!

Don't forget Raven's Weekly Radio show at - Link!


@hannes-stoffel and @tengolotodo continue the #ThreeTuneTuesday tradition! We love seeing your song selections! Both run with the Carnival theme this week: Hannes Link - Tengolo Link



@hmvf comes back with a new artist interview this week with @kevdell72 check out his electric sound! Link

P2E Gaming and Pizza Blitzzzz

We couldn't have a curation post without mentioning one of the top contributors to Sloth.Buzz! @blitzzzz is a machine at producing articles, recapping everything from Pizza events to play to earn games and more!

Hash Kings PIZZA AMA!WOO Lands Sale info and Tourney fun!

P2E content

Post titleAuthorOverview
Special-opps Splinterlands brawl!@special-oppsTop Notch Special Opps!
Ciderjunkie streams again!@ciderjunkieNoob on Tour? Vimm Stream, support Hive streamers!
Win a WOO NFT?@herman-germanWOOOOO NFTs up for grabs! WOO!
Mir 4!@chesatochiExploring the abandoned mine labyrinth!
Water saves the day@relf87Water to the rescue in this Splinterlands brawl!

More quality posts:

Post titleAuthorOverview
Visiting St Andrews!@tengolotodoTaking in the amazing St Andrews Cathedral
SCP Contaminent breach!?@holovisionFind out about the recent SCP BREACH!!
FamBaLam Time?@theallianceJoin the family fun this Friday!
Successchar Saving like a champ!@successcharWho's a Champ saver this year?
Reasons to be Pretty - A Play@wwwiebeA Play - Reasons WWWiebe is pretty!
Sloth's Wednesday Walk@slothlydoesitHump Day Wednesday Walks
MEME and a TikTok@dadspardanTrying to get back into the swing of Meme'in!
Giveaway all this post earns!@p2eprojectP2Eproject supporting small creators on Hive!
RantMoney Goals for Hive@rentmoneyFollowing up on Hive Goals
CryptoRadio take some Crypto Shots!@cryptoradiofmCRFM Vimm stream 24/7!
New Logos for Dad@magdalena1bMagdalena makes some new Emotes for Her Dad @ciderjunkie streams
Hivenberg goes Italiano?@HivenbergThe making of Hivenberg Lab! Italian
MEMEs MEMEs and more MEMEs@memessMemess makes memes for the slothbuzz meme contest!
Did someone say memes?@hannes-stoffelAnother MEME invitation, why aren't you slothbuzz meme contesting yet?!

That rounds off this week's recap! We're excited by the quality of the content currently appearing on SlothBuzz and can't wait for you to get involved! Authors earn 50% of Slothbuzz rewards for their posts, Curators earn the other 50%! Start using Sloth.Buzz to earn some #slothbuzz tokens and start curating the best content from small creators on Hive!

Please drop some love on any of the above posts that catch your eye! Our main goal is to support small creators and help them grow! This is only possible with your help!

For your chance to appear in the next edition of the Sloth.Buzz curation report, use Sloth.Buzz, post to the slothbuzz community or use the #slothbuzz tag! Content focus: music, art, gaming and crypto (comedy/memes)!

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