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Hello Summoners!

Todays DEC price data pulled from coinmarketcap.com timestamp: FR 3rd of September 10:08 CET

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Todays SPS price data pulled from coinmarketcap.com timestamp: FR 3rd of September 10:11 CET

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Welcome to a series I will call splintonomics. I will show you the other side of the #play2earn experience. Did you know that Splinterlands had a built in minigame? It is a tycoon building game where you buy and trade real Splinterlands assets and try to grow your net worth. If you have not played Splinterlands yet I would recommend to try it out! Here is a way you can support my journey,

sign up by using this link! https://splinterlands.com?ref=solymi

Disclaimer! Non of the contents you read in this post are in any form financial advice! I will NOT take responsibility for your loss that may occur if you invest in NFTs! I am just an ape who has a high risk tolerance. Do not invest your live savings unless you did your own due diligence! Only invest what you can afford to lose!


"there is not enough cards for everyone please push and shove.."
Aggroed founder tendersheppard in last Fridays AMA

I don't know if you summoners listen in on the AMAs the @splinterlands team is streaming but if you do not you are missing an important stream of information! You do not have to be a genious to do understand what this means. There are and there will never be enough cards for everyone! Even with chaos legion on the doorstep and with print numbers we do not even know of yet, there will be a scarcity of cards! How many packs do you think the average player needs to buy to get a decently leveled deck to play with?

This "there is simply not enough" applies to all splinterlands assets except potions. If you are not looking at the value of your collection because you just want to enjoy a nice game thats ok! But if you want to play the Splinter tycoon game you should have a look at https://peakmonsters.com/@yourusername/cards just check it out for a second and let it sink.

So if you have been in this game for a while you will see a nice number there. Some of our older players with great Alpha collections have 6 figure accounts right now.

So what can you do if you want to start building your Splinterlands empire from scratch?
Did you miss the train? Thats for your research to decide and I will not be giving financial advice to buy this card or that card. There is many factors that influence a market like this. Also past numbers are never a prediction for the future as we all know. I will not go into specific cards and if I do it is because they worked well for me.


Empire building

How to build an empire? You need immense amount of cash or you need immense amount of time or both. If you have no time at all you will need more cash. If you have a lot of time to spare you will need less.

First of all be aware of the fundamentals of the game. You have to know your way around the market otherwise you end up losing your DEC and maybe your sanity.

The basic strategy to create a good income from splinterlands assets lies in the rental market. At time of writing and with much lower rental prices in the beginning of the season I am still at over 3k DEC daily. Thats quite ok for a few minutes of work each morning. The advantage of getting fresh DEC every day is that passively you earn SPS on the way via the airdrop points. You can compound your collection power by buying certain cards with the sole purpose of renting them out.

I was lucky and came at a time where you could buy DICE packs and pulled a lot of Mylors, for myself I use a level 4 but I have several on level 2 rented out and a lot of single ones too. But I did not stop buying Mylors and I still doing it occasionally.
Again this could apply to any other cards that are sought for on the rental market.

The cheapest lvl1 mylor to rent costs 34 DEC to rent per day, and we are at the beginning of the season... Cost to buy a single bcx Mylor is 65$ or 8292,5 DEC

Bildschirmfoto 20210903 um 10.42.59.png

My cheapest Lvl 1 Mylor is rented out for the next 23 hours for 21 DEC per day lets be pessimistic and go with this daily number. How long does it take until your mylor has been paid for by your renters?

For the scenario I presume DEC price will be stable for a few month but this is a variable you have to consider. So lets say I rent out my mylor every day for that price:


It would take 1 year and approx. 1 month to be on 0 with your investment. But if you take good care of your rentals and adjust to market prices you can make much more with your level 1 Mylor. What happens to the price of Mylor in a one year time period? We do not really know that and we could argue that in the past all numbers have gone up but that is never a prediction for the future.

So here we go back to the fundamentals. Again... This game has experienced and is still experiencing a massive influx of new users. And we are far from the peak in growth in my honest opinion. A new token has been released that is getting airdropped for your assets that you hold. And there it is. Mylor adds to your collection power and it adds airdrop points every day for the next 327 days since you make a few more DEC each day. So if you take that into consideration as well your numbers will change and you are likely to get much more return on your asset than you first would think.


Yesterday 10k spellbooks got purchased. 10 thousand. Yes ten times thousand. And growth continues exponentially. Until it will reach the peak somewhere and then move back but it will never move to 0 the game will have a lot of players and there is already a lot of players involved. I am talking Zensports I am talking splintergames.io where you can challenge players for a peer to peer wager.(Play at your own risk :) dont gamble what you cant afford to loose! or better do not gamble! )
I am talking facebook groups created by ambassadors of splinterlands that have a massive amount of members. My guild mate @xacex is one of these ambassadors and he has a 60k userbase in the facebook groups. Most of these players do not know discord and a lot do not speak english at all. But he has been helping them get into the game with getting a spellbook, with registering their accounts and so on. There is tons of these heroes out there bringing new users each day. And if you want Splinterlands to succeed even more than go out there and spread the word.
Tell it to your friends hey I pulled a legendary gold foil card out of a daily quest chest! Share on twitter youtube Tictoc or whatever you want.

Empire building takes either cash or time or both. You have the time, that of course is only my honest opinion and I am quite invested in the game. By compounding my DEC income and buying cards I can immediately put on the rental market I can grow my account and aidrop points steadily. I have not reached the point where I can even out the growth of global airdrop points but I am still getting a decent amount of SPS daily for the next 11 months to come.

Back to compounding. What are the best cards for building an empire? Well that is for you to decide and it also might change as the games mechanics change. You have to think with the crowd have a look at the top battles for each league and have a look at higher level cards!

Higher level cards are mostly cheaper to buy than a single BCX card. take a level 3 of any monster and you will end up buying at a lower price per bcx. These cards are much more valuable on the rental market since as the players start renting up for higher leagues they will need higher level cards. check the numbers yourself how many level 1 axemasters are on the market what do they rent out for? What about higher levels?
There is only one maxed out axemaster on the rental market. Only 1 at level 4 no level 3 and 82 level 2 total number of axemasters on the rental market is over 1700! So if you throw your axemaster into that pool of level 1 it will not bring you as much as renting out a level 4. But even level 1 should you manage to rent it out will bring you a solid 3 DEC per day. Again you need numbers to make it work. Also check for cards in fluctuation. If there is a card with a lot more prints to come it might decrease in price over time but who knows...
At the end of season it is often the cheapest rental option for many players to rent out cheap epic cards for their power. This season we will still have highest league finished but that will change and that will have an impact on rental prices at season end.

Epic cards are a good way to start with empire building since a lot of players will also rent them as level 1 cards. It is also the cheapest way to raise your collection power in the lower leagues. What Epic cards are you facing the most while battling? Players are renting those cards from others. It could be you renting those to them...

Yes this takes a certain level of risk tolerance and also you need some cash to start. But you could also start out small with buying a few goldfoil cards in the cheaper region and renting them out for power at the end of the season. This is highly profitable and you can start buying your next card pretty soon and extend your rentals.

Guess what? There is a new set of cards coming! Chaos legion is around the corner and so is the new in game mini-edition! Land expansion has not even been implemented yet just saying. You are not too late to the party.

Again this is no financial advice I am just sharing my tactics. And as card prices only went up it could be that we see some downwards movement as players take profits, and hey I would not hate on them on discord that is really not the way to deal with your frustration. Just a side note: be active on Splinterlands discord and you will be able to predict market movements pretty accurately. You will find the latest news and can learn a lot. Never stop learning!

No financial advice! DYOR! Don´t come to me crying!

5% of this posts rewards go to @acolytesofhelio the guild that provides for all of its members!


The token economic metagame found within the Splinterlands aftermarket is more fleshed out than a lot of other NFT games entire ecosystems.

Their system is crazy ahead of the curve and awesome to watch as a player and hivian


Thanks for all the insight. I have recently started renting out some of my cards as well and seems quite profitable towards the end of the season, not so much now. Then again I don't have very many leveled or GF cards. Wonder how you figure out the scarcity of cards?


If you look at pealmonsters you can see some intersting numbers when clicking on a card.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-04 um 07.25.32.png

You see total BCX this is how many cards have been printed in total
and you see the actial number of cards in circulation.
and market availability.


Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

Tbh Splinterlands is changing lives 😉 I know everything what is going on in SL might sound crazy but it is going to be much more crazier in the coming days 😉 It was very much detailed post, thanks for making it up!


Acolytes has cards to rent out soon! It will be a great way to toss some DEC towards all our construction sites.