Tenemos una nueva edicion de DRAGONES de Share your battle weekly challenge! He escuchado que el splinter mas poderoso es el de Dragon y que en los niveles mas altos es el que mas se usa por su poder y porque tienes la oportunidad de usar una combinacion de cartas mas variada. Ahora que estoy jugando de manera mas competitiva en plata he notado que mucho de mis adversarios usan el splinter de Dragon, me ha stado costando mucho ganarles, la mayoria de las batallas las pierdo asi que es un nuevo reto para mi, aprender a jugar contra el splinter de Dragon. Afortunadamente hace poco pude aumentar mi invocador dragon principal KRETCH TALLEVOR a nivel 3, por lo que puedo utilizarlo muy bien con distintos tipos de cartas! Tambien subi a mi carta de dragon DESERT DRAGON un legendario a nivel 2 y asi poder disfrutar de sus habilidades, ya que no me gusta estar rentando cartas.

We have a new edition of DRAGONS from Share your battle weekly challenge! I have heard that the most powerful splinter is the Dragon splinter and that in the higher levels it is the most used because of its power and because you have the opportunity to use a more varied combination of cards. Now that I am playing more competitively in silver I have noticed that many of my opponents use the Dragon splinter, I have been having a hard time beating them, most of the battles I lose so it is a new challenge for me to learn how to play against the Dragon splinter. Fortunately I was recently able to upgrade my main dragon summoner KRETCH TALLEVOR to level 3, so I can use it very well with different types of cards! I also upgraded my dragon card DESERT DRAGON a legendary to level 2 so I can enjoy his abilities, since I don't like to be renting cards.



Vamos con la batalla, me costo mucho poder usar a mis cartas con la estrategia que queria, en realidad no pude pero consegui una batalla brillante que apenas al verla la daba por perdida, mi oponente era intimidante y ademas uso un invocador legendario de los mejores que hay en el juego, pero pude sacarla adelante! Las reglas la hacen aun mas complicada ya que ademas de bajo mana con 19, ponen 2 de escudo, lo cual debilitara el ataque de mi tanque aunque tambien lo protegera mas, no se permiten usar las cartas pares asi que no podre usar cartas de 0 de mana que son cartas que suelo usar mucho!


Let's go with the battle, it cost me a lot to use my cards with the strategy I wanted, actually I could not but I got a brilliant battle that just seeing it I thought it was lost, my opponent was intimidating and also used a legendary summoner of the best in the game, but I was able to pull it off! The rules make it even more complicated because in addition to low mana with 19, they put 2 shields, which will weaken my tank's attack but also protect it more, even cards are not allowed to be used so I won't be able to use 0 mana cards which are cards I use a lot!

DiseC3B1o_sin_tC3ADtulo__1_-removebg-preview sin fondo blanco.png


DiseC3B1o_sin_tC3ADtulo__1_-removebg-preview sin fondo blanco.png


Mi estrategia es simple, mi punta de lanza y mi principal ataque es DESERT DRAGON y a nivel 2 su ataque aumenta de 4 a 5 y tiene la habilidad de perforar escudos, detras tendre a mi repuesto en caso de que DESERT DRAGON caiga, no use muchas tarjetas en esta batalla pero use las que necesitaba, a veces mas es menos!

  • Mi invocador

Como invocador uso a KRETCH TALLEVOR, lo tengo a nivel 3 y aunque no me de habilidades solo vale 3 de mana y es epico lo cual me permite usar todas las cartas exceptuando las legendarias a un nivel mas alto!


My strategy is simple, my spearhead and my main attack is DESERT DRAGON and at level 2 his attack increases from 4 to 5 and he has the ability to pierce shields, behind him I will have my spare in case DESERT DRAGON falls, I didn't use many cards in this battle but I used the ones I needed, sometimes more is less!

  • My summoner

As a summoner I use KRETCH TALLEVOR, I have him at level 3 and although he doesn't give me abilities he is only worth 3 mana and he is epic which allows me to use all the cards except the legendary ones at a higher level!


  • En primer lugar

En primer lugar pongo a mi tanque, a DESERT DRAGON una carta legendaria que la tengo en nivel 2, esto me da los increibles stats de 5 de ataque, 2 de velocidad, 6 de vida, 3 de escudo y ademas tiene las habilidades de perforar escudo y trample! El combo completo, me encanta esta carta como tanque en batallas de bajo mana, porque en batallas de mucho mana no le va bien.

  • First Place

First I put my tank, DESERT DRAGON a legendary card that I have at level 2, this gives me the incredible stats of 5 attack, 2 speed, 6 life, 3 shield and also has the abilities to pierce shield and trample! The full combo, I love this card as a tank in low mana battles, because in high mana battles it doesn't do well.


  • Segundo lugar

En segundo y ultimo lugar ya que por las reglas no puedo usar cartas de 0 de mana las cuales acostumbro a usar pongo a la carta epica de agua NERISSA TRIDAWN, la utilizo porque es una carta que tiene mucha vida y mucho ataque, aunque lenta, mi ataque en esta batalla es bastante lento, lo seguro es que no pegare primero pero pegare muy fuerte, ademas de que NERISSA TRIDAWN ataca con magia tambien me serviria como tanque de repuesto en caso de que mi principal caiga!

  • Second place

In second and last place since by the rules I can not use 0 mana cards which I usually use I put the epic water card NERISSA TRIDAWN, I use it because it is a card that has a lot of life and a lot of attack, although slow, my attack in this battle is quite slow, it is certain that I will not hit first but I will hit very hard, besides NERISSA TRIDAWN attacks with magic also serve me as a spare tank in case my main card falls!


La batalla

La batalla apenas la vi sabia que estaba en problemas, que no seria nada facil, mi contrincante utilizo una buena estrategia! Pude ganarla debido a la estrategia y combinacion que utilice, 2 tanques contra un equipo! Me encanto la batalla el resultado fue como esperaba, mis cartas se desenvolvieron muy bien y mostraron sus habilidades!

👀 Mira la batalla AQUI

The battle

The battle as soon as I saw it I knew I was in trouble, it was not going to be easy, my opponent used a good strategy! I was able to win it because of the strategy and combination I used, 2 tanks against a team! I loved the battle, the result was as I expected, my cards performed very well and showed their skills as was planned!

👀 Watch the battle HERE


DiseC3B1o_sin_tC3ADtulo__1_-removebg-preview sin fondo blanco.png

Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de pasar por mi post y leerlo! Cada vez disfruto mas a splinterlands y me encanta ver como mi cuenta crece y se fortalece! Si te llama la atencion el jugar splinterlands puedas registrarte AQUI Si lo pruebas y lo entiendes te vas a volver adicto al juego y a coleccionar sus cartas!

Todas las imagenes fueron creadas con canva por mi y utilice screenshots de la pagina de Splinterlands.

Hasta pronto!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my post! I am enjoying splinterlands more and more and I love to see how my account is growing and getting stronger! If you are interested in playing splinterlands you can register

If you try it and understand it you will become addicted to the game and collect cards!

All images were created with canva by me and I used screenshots from the Splinterlands website.

See you soon!

DiseC3B1o_sin_tC3ADtulo__1_-removebg-preview sin fondo blanco.png

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Thanks for sharing! - Legalizabrazil#3575

Nice post! You did a nice work with the markdown and nice job, 2 cards for the win.