get some additional rewards in addition to your sps from lps


agg ur lps on beeswap and get the sps rewards for the spl pairs and hive/bnb is a similar apr t o the bsc pair swap.hive/bnb that give s out BXT at 29% ish and also the bxt can be sold orr staked to earn tge poirtion of the fees related to bee swaps 50% of the fees which are paid in BXT that erna 22% ish in a bxt hive lp or staked earns s11-13% on top of the same lp rewards in sps and fees so you add a bit extra to be able to earn more than ppl just staked in th regular pools since you can use the extra roi from staking bxt to buy additional tokens and reinvest half the fees back in and take half out to stake for the additional fee income from stakinb bxt to use once it pays staking fees to add more lps and collect more and more fees and when it gets to the target sized start taking additional money out and go down to 1/8 rein vested and 7/8 taking out until all of the remiainging cost basis is out and my account is all a gain again since the basis is covered soon the nsell a bit to take profit and lcok it in the nlet the rest ride and cut it if it changes directions agu8bst you.. Diversifhyy onto polycub and bsc for cub to get into additional high volume spl pairs and get a fe2 on the cexes to take sone fees out of there as well as get arbitage on he markets while collecting the \additional fees to. Keep adding to tge lps in bsc pks ahd sps weth then dec dai and use those to pull out money from the hive lps and deposit ib the exernal lps to use those to earn a higer apr and diversifyh the risk over many mkts and also additional games and regualr crypto mkts like uni v3 to harvasgt lps on say eth usdc which has alot of vlume and is able to accure fees fairly fast when using tight lps

Wil also have a stable coin poddiyion yo gunf mu decks and new items in game so i just use the earnings in stables etc to keep some of my tokens in stable lps to be able to catch a drop without bein impacted and keep ur pp against sps and then when it drops you can suck it up and same with cards bc your pp 2ont drop if in stables giving the opp to ac2uire on dips and dca in in the accumulate rqnge and sell later in the sell range

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