Land 1.0 - The Secret of Praetoria!

Greetings Everyone!

The Splinterlands team is extremely excited to present phase 1.0 of the heavily anticipated land expansion, entitled The Secret of Praetoria!

By adding a release in before phase 1.5 (buildings & resources) we can allow players to start utilizing their land, begin to get the benefits of massively increased utility for cards and DEC, and playtest some of the core systems and mechanics before the release of the phase that will introduce the ability to stake cards on player’s land.

The goal for phase 1.0 is to release certain parts of the system that will eventually become part of the full phase 2 release, including card staking, DEC staking, and some initial resource production.

Land 1.0

The land 1.0 release will introduce a few features to the playable game and ecosystem, including:

Claiming your land deed

Ownership of the player-owned land plots is signified by a land deed. Each land deed is a Non-Fungible Token or NFT maintained by the Splinterlands game platform and recorded on the Hive blockchain. These deeds can be transferred, bought, sold, and traded between players and may also be able to be bridged to other platforms to be traded there. Land deeds can be obtained by purchasing them from other players or claiming them using land claim tokens.

To claim your land, please follow the detailed instructions in the post below:

Surveying your land

The exploration companies are preparing to launch expeditions deep into the wilds of Praetoria and survey the land. Soon, battle mages will discover more details about the plots they own.
Players holding PLOT, TRACT, or REGION tokens will first need to redeem those tokens for unsurveyed land deed NFTs which they can then convert into surveyed land deed NFTs through the surveying process.

PLEASE NOTE - If you survey less than 100 plots at a time you won’t get the guaranteed minimums. If you don’t buy the starter kits at the time of purchase you won’t be able to add them back retroactively.

To survey your land, please follow the detailed instructions in the post below:

Here is a video walkthrough that the one and only @Grapthar made on the new Splinterlands Support Youtube channel regarding surveying land:

Buying and selling land

If you have already claimed your land, please follow the instructions below:

We are also leaving a separate guide to listing items on the non-card market:

We hope that everyone is as excited as we are for this monumental launch! Land has been a long time coming and we couldn’t be happier to be delivering on it!

The Splinterlands Team

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Soy un poco nuevo en el juego por lo que no me había enterado de que esto existía, es genial .


Congrats to the whole team on this one, things are really starting to roll now!