Splinterlands AMA Summary - October 15th, 2021 - 2PM Eastern


AMA Summary


πŸ‘€ = See Eye Candy!

Chaos Legion πŸ‘€:

  • Pre-sale is on track to go live on October 18th
    • Started getting the bridges from Hive Engine and to WAX ready
  • Top 6 purchasers will be allowed to design their own Chaos Legion Legendary summoner
  • Teams goal is to make the new promo card awesome and highly sought out after
  • Chaos Legion cards should include a few new abilities added to the game
  • Once released, the starter deck will be the common & rares from Untamed and Chaos Legion
  • All bonus packs given out will take out of the 15 million supply
  • Only purchased packs from in-game will count towards the 13 monster airdrops
    • Packs purchased from other markets don't count
    • You don't need to hold the packs once purchased, can open or sell after

Pre-Sale Clarifications:

  • To receive the 20%, 15%, and 10% bonus amounts, you need to do buy as a single transaction
  • All other pre-sale rewards will accumulate as you buy
  • Bonus packs will count towards all pre-sale benefits (title, Maverick status, promo card)
  • There will be a separate leaderboard page for Chaos Legion pre-sale buyers
  • Legionnaire title will be worth the same as the Untamed & Explorer titles (100k SPS points)
  • Chaos Legion packs and the Legionnaire title will count towards the SPS airdrop immediately


  • First voucher airdrop will start on the October 18th (time is still TBD)
  • Vouchers will be distributed as tokens and can be received as fractions
  • One whole voucher will be required for 1 Chaos Legion pack
  • Vouchers will not be completely useless after Chaos Legion pre-sale
    • Current plan is still to require vouchers past pre-sale for a bit (wait for official announcement)
      • Goal is to give the SPS token as much utility as possible
      • Metering out public sale will affect teams income so this decision doesn't benefit team
    • Players will see other use cases for vouchers in the near future as well


  • SPS used to buy Chaos Legion packs will be used as corporate money
  • No plans for SPS burn mechanisms currently or in whitepaper
    • But team would like to add one or more in the future
  • Doesn't matter how long you have your SPS staked before Chaos Legion pre-sale
  • SPS for Land Expansion is still to be determined
    • Airdrop for land owners will be boring
    • Team wants to use it more as in incentive when land is released
  • Team wants to release a post soon with more details about SPS rewards
    • Whitepaper shows everything starting at the same time, not the case obviously

Rentals & PeakMonsters:

  • Peakmonsters is developing a rental auto-renewal process
  • Peakmonsters is developing a rental bid feature
    • Can make a rental bid for every single monster
      • Example: 5 DEC/day for a 1 BCX Lorna Shine
    • Or you can make a rental bid for collection power
      • Example: 300 DEC/day for 100k collection power per day

Scaling & Dev Work:

  • Hoping the end of season today will be smooth
    • This will be a constant improvement until end of season runs perfectly
  • Still ramping up the new developers
    • Will be dedicated to different pieces of the game
    • Land, gameplay, animations, etc...
  • Matt doesn't know everything anymore 😱
    • Game is growing too much for Matt to be a part of all developments
    • Good sign of healthy growth


  • Team is still super excited to be working on the land expansion soon
    • Chaos Legion release is first priority
  • Once land is released, there will be items and spells created
    • Items and spells will add an additional turn to battling

Wild & Modern Ranked Format:

  • Once Chaos Legion is released, Wild & Modern ranked formats will be released
    • Wild = Any cards can be used
    • Modern = Newer cards (Untamed, Chaos Legion, Dice)
      • Any card frame that looks like Untamed or Chaos Legion will be allowed in Modern
    • Makes the playing field more even for newer players
  • Reward pool will be doubled
  • Players can play in both formats
  • Will be separate leaderboards for both formats
  • Not planning on decreasing collection power requirements for either format

Network Bridges:

  • ETH bridge is created, just disabled due to insanely high gas fees
  • Want to bridge to as many other networks as possible in the future
  • WAX & HIVE are the main bridges currently

Essence Orbs, Azmare Dice & Riftwatchers:

  • These are similar card packs but with fewer unique cards in the sets
  • Can/Were only be bought with DEC
  • DEC gets burned if purchased
    • Adds value to all token holders (all players)
    • Team gets zero income from these packs
  • Essence Orbs & Azmare Dice are all sold out, Riftwatchers is next to be released
    • Riftwatchers will be worked on right after Chaos Legion

Affiliate Program:

  • Any Chaos Legion pack purchases with credits will count towards the affiliate program
  • Team is looking into maybe allowing all types of purchases count towards affiliate program

Tome Of Chaos πŸ‘€:

  • New stories posted every Friday at around Noon EST each week of pre-sale
    • Added to the Chaos Legion mythos
    • Will release multiple NFTs that will be associated with each story
    • Stories will tell the history of Splinterlands & Chaos Legion



Chaos Legion Trailer

Choas Legion Pre-Sale Sneak Peek

New Chaos Legion Wallpaper

Another Chaos Legion Wallpaper (with Doctor Blight!)

Doctor Blight Animation

Tome Of Chaos

πŸ€‘ $706k Region Sale πŸ€‘

Tournament Prizes For Next Two Weeks


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Super excited for the CL! Thank you SL for such a wonderful game!


amazing updates! Thanks team ❀


Hey Guys @splinterlands ,

Just wanted to double check on something :
So ... one doesn't have to buy 1000 packs in 1 transaction to get the Legionnaire title?

i.e. Someone buys 500 packs , then another 500 later during the presale ... they would still get the Legionnaire Title?


Thanks for the notes for those who can’t listen.


I love the political commentary of Doctor Blight.


I appreciate the summary of the AMA.
Well, to be honest, It helps when you are too busy to attend the meeting or watch the replay.


This post and video was fantastic!I can't wait for the new cards and ofcourse the Doctor Blight!