Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - April 17th, 2023!


Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder & CEO)
    • Matt (C0-Founder & CPO)
    • PJ (CTO)
    • Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer)
    • Weirdbeard (Development)
    • Farpetrad (Software Engineer)
    • R0nd0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 00:35 - Team Introduction
    • 03:15 - PJ (CTO)
    • 11:05 - Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer)
    • 15:50 - Farpetrad (Software Engineer)
    • 22:05 - Matt (C0-Founder & CPO)
    • 50:45 - Weirdbeard (Development)
    • 1:08:05 - R0nd0n (Splinterlands TV)
    • 1:16:05 - Q&A


💥 Company Updates 💥

Tech Talk with PJ (CTO)

  • 6 million SPS and 8 million DEC lost to a couple of compromised, old wallets
  • These older wallets helped us to manage bridges
  • Our 3rd party service was compromised
  • Already extracted and hit the markets
  • Can't recover the funds
  • $180,000-195,000 total funds that were affected
  • Reviewed all the wallets and the chains
  • We shut down services that were tied to the legacy infrastructure that we had
  • Re-evaluating our security protocol
  • Not affecting our operations

Tuesday Release Update with Investygator

Less Pop-ups

Two options have been added to disable some Tournament and Brawl notifications. They are on by default, meaning you will receive all notifications about Brawls and Tournaments.

Disabling Tournament notifications will hide the Tournament Has Started, Next Round Started, Anytime Tournament Active Reminder, and 15 Minutes Check-in Reminder notifications.

Disabling Brawl notifications will hide the Brawl Start, Fray Assignment Changed, No Opponents Found, and Brawl In-Progress Reminder notifications.

Tech Modernization

The Other Items page will be moved to the Tech Modernization client.

An issue where some Tech Modernization pages were still accessible when the site was in maintenance will be addressed.


Sound will be added to a number of the land displays.

General Updates

Combined the display of the DEC-SPS liquidity pool down to one entry on the UI.

Removed references to card “editions” and replaced them with “sets” in various game texts.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

Fixed an issue with the league being set improperly on accounts that had skipped playing one more more seasons.

Praetoria's Secret with Farpetrad

  • 1.0 release implemented
  • $16,000 castle sale yesterday
  • UI graphics will be implemented in tomorrow's release:
    • Rarity animations on deeds
    • Music and SFX
  • Land 1.5
    • Creative workin on UI
    • Back-end being worked on:
      • Worker delegation, staking, rentals being worked on
      • Locking deeds - will be able to lock land assets

Words with Wizards with Matt

  • Focus on product design:
    • land
    • guild updates
    • promo cards
    • multicolor monsters and summoners
  • Highest on the priority list:
    • Land 1.5 - updating the whitepaper and adjusting UI
    • Guild updates - guild buildings, general major update
      • Guild points when you burn DEC will be implemented and applied to buildings
      • Integration with land
      • Quality of life changes
  • Validator nodes
    • Important for the ecosystem and decentralizatin of the game
    • Coded and tested
    • Just needs to be released once our main developer is back from vacation
    • Private net release will be implemented first - likely in June
    • SPS Delegation will be released in the next couple of weeks
    • Eventually we want to replace collection power with staked SPS requirements
  • Governance proposals coming up:
    • Land related - cap on base production that a plot can have to even the playing field
    • Selling Riftwatchers packs for DEC

Developments with Weirdbeard

  • DEC-B being used for guilds coming up in the next couple of weeks
  • Splinterlands Promo card sale - May 2nd
    • A game mechanic - first in a series - opens up new game play
    • Will need Vouchers and DEC to purchase
  • June will be a big month:
    • Validators
    • Tower Defense
    • Land 1.5
    • Guilds
    • Possible Mini Set
  • New Splinterlands Gladiator Open Tournament series in conjunction with NFTy Arcade - announcement next week

Splinterlands TV

SplinterlandsTV's latest promotion is jam packed with prizes and excitement. Join our streamers as they give away up to 6 cards per stream. The prize pool includes over 2000 of the much coveted Vruz promotion cards, which is the the cheapest possible card you could win. For the really lucky winners there's also some Untamed legendary summoners, some Dice legendaries, and a mix of GFL Chaos cards. With so many winners each day and so many prizes to give away, it's no wonder more and more of you are tuning in to win on SplinterlandsTV!

  • Clip of the Week 1

  • Clip of the Week 2

  • Townhall shoutouts: DrAllister brazenblake bUttUps a_JabeeSaints_a a_JabeeSaints_a a_JabeeSaints_a a_JabeeSaints_a aaaa_deju_aaaa baburamg GhostlyBG mumpulls sec2raidr musicalman00 kraymundray kraymundray kraymundray kraymundray kraymundray kraymundray kraymundray mhowiithescanner Sheloe ucliffiel larkin360 BangSmith1125 a_JabeeSaints_a jiabazai djrockx musicalman00 musicalman00 musicalman00 aaaa_deju_aaaa oudekrijger cryptoace33 solving_chaos yummytea_kudasai_uwu shikiphantom ownjing silentri0t


🔥 Support Tutorial 🔥

How Do I Vote On SPS Governance Proposals?

  • Read the Support article above to better understand how to vote on the SPS Governance proposals
  • Access proposals on the SPS Proposal Page


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Next Town Hall - Monday, April 24th, 4PM Eastern (8PM UTC)


the summary came really fast the last few times!😍
thank you!


Very unfortunate to see a cyber event hit the company and to the extent that it did. A 6 figure exploit is nothing to make light of. A hack of this extent hitting a more normal company would have been a huge deal in the cyber security and risk management community.

TBH, I'm somewhat concerned that the Splinterlands team doesn't have a sound security tone at the top. Between this actual external attack and the issues with the recent GLS exploit I hope you guys hire a CISO or at least a few experienced security engineers asap. While a CTO is certainly appreciated and needed they often don't have the experience in this space needed specifically.


$180-195,000 total funds that were affected

It means the range of value is between $180 and $195,000?

Or is it between $180,000 and $195,000?


The later to my understanding - between 180-190 k.