Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - January 9th, 2023!


Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder & CEO)
    • Cryptomancer (Developer)
    • Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Developer)
    • Chatter (Director of Growth)
    • WeirdBeard (ESports Manager)
    • r0nd0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 00:35 - Team Introduction
    • 04:15 - Words from Wizards with InvestyGator
    • 11:50 - Words from Wizards with Cryptomancer
    • 21:45 - Marketing with Chatter
    • 31:05 - Brawlhalla with Weirdbeard
    • 1:06:35 - Creative with Nate
    • 1:29:15 - r0nd0n Update (Splinterlands TV)
    • 1:32:50 - Q&A


💥 Company Updates 💥

Words from Wizards: InvestyGator

  • Daily log out will be changed to a weekly log out
  • Fixed Guild images and links
  • UI updates to TD page with new artwork
  • New rulesets
    • All monsters get scattershot
    • All monsters get fury
  • Clean up of data base functions
  • Server maintenance - may be a bit of a longer down time
  • Gladiator tournaments - can use gladiator cards in tournaments

Words from Wizards: Cryptomancer

  • Tournaments and Guilds are the main focus
  • Gladiator Tournaments in Tuesday release
    • Tournament creator must be on the whitelist
    • Weirdbeard can help with the application
  • Next priority - card set revamp
    • Reorganization
    • Set centric instead of edition centric
    • Card Sets are Based on Card Frames
    • February release
  • Guild alliances coming up as well
    • Merges multiple guilds into mega guilds
    • New guild alliance buildings - A new DEC sink

Marketing with Chatter

  • Shifting away from ad spends and moving toward organic marketing
    • Search engine result pages
    • Expanding visibility without spending thousands of dollars
  • Being Crypto articles
  • Expanding TD and GLG projects
  • Audits across the platform
  • Working on Battle Pass and new game modes
  • Figuring out new ways that players can engage with us
  • Winter promo ending in 3 days
  • Behind the scenes planning
  • Game Developers conference in San Franciso coming up

Brawlhalla with Weirdbeard

  • People are excited about Tuesday's update
  • Max level Gladiator cards for the first time will be possible
  • Draft mode Tournaments coming in the future
  • League Lock system possible in the future as well
    • League Lock means allowing players to choose what league they want to play in
  • Highest priority - no bots in tournaments
  • Gladiator ghost card tournament next week

Creative with Nate

  • Planning is going well and we are meeting deadlines
  • UX and UI considerations are being factored into the big picture
  • From a design UX/UI perspective
    • Is it fun and engaging?
    • Does it add value?
    • Does it bring utility to existing assets?
  • Big picture ideas for the future that focus on fun
    • Worldbuilding
    • Player housing
    • Custom Avatars
    • Story mode
  • Battles 2.0 isn't on the roadmap but it is coming in the future

👀 Eye Candy 👀

Market functionality list view

Wiki for Lore

Arkemis process sketches

Arkemis skin

New abilities for Soulbound reward cards

Splinterlands TV:

  • SplinterlandsTV Shoutouts:

Splinterlands TV is now officially 24/7


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Next AMA - Monday, January 16th, 8AM Eastern (1 PM UTC)


any upgrade for renting?:) im more interested in this kind of updates for example make people who join to autorent from random gus 5 cards etc :D


Audits across the platform

What does this refer to? Is it a financial audit?


Why does it need daily or weekkly log out? This has been one very annoying change. Weekly is better than daily but no log out is better than any other option.