Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - March 6th, 2023!


Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder & CEO)
    • Cryptomancer (Developer)
    • Nate (Creative Director)
    • WeirdBeard (Esports Manager)
    • Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer)
    • r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Special Guests:
    • Tyler (NFTy Arcade)
    • Dave McCoy (Community leader)
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 00:35 - Team Introduction
    • 05:00 - Tyler
    • 16:45 - Dave McCoy
    • 33:25 - Investygator
    • 38:40 - Cryptomancer
    • 45:10 - WeirdBeard
    • 57:35 - R0nd0n
    • 1:07:50 - Nate
    • 1:33:35 - Q&A


💥 Company Updates 💥

Words from Wizards - Aggy

  • First Agile quarter almost finished
  • 5 sprints
  • Next week is our planning session for the next 5 sprints
  • Updated Roadmap coming up

Tyler from NFTy Arcade

  • Platform for reward shares
  • Lenders can put decks up for rent
  • Bots
    • Had an algorithm to catch bots but there were bots that they missed
    • They have since banned the 23 exploiters from the platform
    • Enhanced detection algorithms implemented
    • The community helped tremendously
  • Created a mechanism for asset owners to see the value of their assets and what they earn over time
  • Cards are at a high since November
  • Onboarding
    • Ability to onboard groups of people into the ecosystem
    • Key next step - relationships with guilds
    • Getting players into the game and converting 1-10% into paying customers
    • Signed partnerships

Dave McCoy - Community leader

  • New Proposal
  • Spending of sps to get exchange listings
  • Old proposal didn't pass
  • Figured out what the issues were and reworked
  • New proposal is 30 million SPS to have a better shot of getting listed on Binance
  • Worked on a way to pay it back by implementing more mini editions
  • Will come out Tuesday
  • AMA for the proposal
  • Early voting
  • Splinterlands website for formal voting

Words from Wizards/Tuesday Release Update: InvestyGator

Market Listing Fees & Expiration

  • Market items will now expire after 30 days. For rentals, they will only expire if they are not rented out for a period of 30 days.

  • Listing a card for sale or rent will now cost a 1 DEC or Credit fee. Changing the price on a market item will also incur this same fee.

    • Sets of items will only cost 1 DEC or Credit to list or update.

    • Listing or updating multiple items will cost 1 DEC or Credit per market entry being updated.

  • For third party developers, any operations to list items for sale or update prices will need to include a “list_fee_token” and “list_fee” value. The list_fee should be a numeric value that is the number of market items being impacted, while the list fee token should be “DEC” or “CREDITS” respectively.

Tech Modernization

  • Fixed an issue on mobile devices where you could not drag and drop packs to open them on the Mana Well.

  • Fixed an issue where a link to External Wallets was available for free-to-play, non-Hive, accounts.

General Updates

  • Fixed an issue where the Season Rental days would incorrectly round down the number of days remaining if there was less than 12 hours left in a day. It will now always round up the calculated days until end of season.

  • Added functionality to distribute Chaos Legion packs from a secondary account when the store is sold out, to meet the passed Proposal where we pulled some packs from the store to continue having a reward supply.

  • When packs run out, if a Pack would have been awarded and none are available, it will now use reward card(s) instead of a DEC amount as previous releases.

  • Fixed an issue where the Divine Shield icon would not display immediately after a monster with that ability was resurrected.

  • Fixed the display of the renter name on the card info:

  • Important Note for Third Party developers: typing validation was added to most Market transactions. Where previously we would often accept a string of “100” as a numeric 100 for say a price, it will now instead reject the transaction as being invalid.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

  • Fixed “rental_type” not showing up on the market\active_rentals API results.

  • Fixed an issue with updating the price causing issues with rentals, by incorrectly clearing the “rental_type” value from our cached market data.

  • Added filtering by “rental_type” to the market\for_rent_by_card API.

  • Fixed an issue with the SPS reward calculation for accounts that had never claimed before.

  • Fixed some issues with Mana Well display at certain screen resolutions.

  • Fixed the link on Mana Well for Gladiator packs, so it properly directs you to the Guild store.

  • Fixed an incorrect link of where to purchase Dice packs on the Hive Engine market.

Words from Wizards - Cryptomancer

  • In between major projects
  • Tournament improvements
  • Visible changes to streamer mode
  • Tournament creators can have packs put into escrow as tournament prizes
  • Next major project
    • Features for guilds
    • Guild buildings

Brawlhalla with Weirdbeard

  • New Player experience
    • Progress internally
    • Scripted battles and tutorials
    • A variety of sources for new players to learn the game
  • Working through the backlog of what the community wants
  • Card packs as prizing in tournaments
  • New Game modes - working on ideas
  • Ag has Beta packs that he could award to the community
  • New guild building idea - guild treasury
  • Owned Gladiator card tournament - Friday at 3pm

Splinterlands TV:

  • Clip of the Week
  • Townhall shoutouts:
    • ucliffiel
    • BruceGryllisGaming
    • solving_chaos
    • delta10310
    • JabeeSaints
    • bladesinner
    • bobcarj
    • syel13
    • hezakarew1
    • diamondsnotdaymonds
    • matagar_00
    • kraymundray
    • mhowiithescanner
    • PrimeRogueInc

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Creative with Nate

  • New Player Experience
    • On the roadmap for this year
    • Major developments had to be implemented first
  • Land 1.0
    • Basic UI has been handed off to engineering
    • On track for the end of the month
  • Land 1.5
    • Card staking and land functioning
    • Intended to give utility and functionality


SPS Promo character - Vruz

Survey boosts page


🔥 Support Tutorial 🔥

How Do I Vote On SPS Governance Proposals?

  • Read the Support article above to better understand how to vote on the SPS Governance proposals
  • Access proposals on the SPS Proposal Page


Past Town Hall Summaries


Next Town Hall - Monday, March 13th, 10AM Eastern (3PM UTC)


a week with only good news! 😍


Why can't we filter out bot farms from renting our cards? We know that farms don't own cards they rent them. Why don't I have the "right to refuse service" when renting out my cards?


The team knows this game is getting exploited by farms and they know the characteristics of bot farms yet they don't give us a way to filter them out when renting out our cards. Why? The problem is being dumped on us (the real players) under the pretext of not wanting to create a centralized committee that can say who can and cannot play but they are not giving us any way to stay diligent against these exploiters.

The right to refuse service is basic to owning a business.
If a customer comes into my store/restaurant naked and peeing on people and yelling at them and soliciting etc. that is harmful to my customers. I can kick them out. I can see them coming and put signs and warnings or outright lock the door when they try to come in.

Likewise we should be able to block bot farms (which are harming the game) from renting our cards.

Why do I have to make a proposal for this? It shouldn't be a proposal for a number of reasons. I shouldn't have to pay for a proposal to stay diligent and protect the integrity of the game when it comes to my basic rights as a card owner.

Any exploitable blockchain game with rewards is going to require constant diligence to fight against the exploiters. The team should take responsibility for the exploitable lopsided economy they created which allows the bot farms to hide in the shadows and extract wealth and consolidate voting power and give us the tools to screen them out based on behavior which is destructive to the game.

If I make this a proposal any filter I state can be argued about at nauseum and voted against in order to block the whole suggestion.

The team has to decide when and how exactly each filter would be implemented. That is the best way to do it.

I would suggest the following filters when renting out our cards. Each one can be decided on separately by itself by the team and how and when exactly to implement it:

  1. Do not rent to accounts with less than X amount of SPS staked.
  2. Do not rent to accounts with 50% or more SB rewards cards (with 10% increments).
  3. Do not rent to accounts that have played more than 100 matches in a day within the last month.
  4. Do not rent to accounts that [insert bot farm trait here].

== This next one is important and washes the hands clean of the SPL team to stay out of it but still give us the tools to block bots ==

  1. Do not rent to the following account names (let someone in the community like Tales which is good at spotting bot farm accounts create this list so we can copy paste it into here). This gives the SPL team a way to stay out of it but gives us the tools to exercise our rights as property owners.

Please understand the position you have put us in. You created an economy that is exploitable by bot farms and you are not giving us any way to stop them, slow then down, fight them yet this is going to require constant diligence. You have to know that by now. If you keep ignoring/blocking efforts to solving this problem under the rationale that it creates a centralization point then you have to at least give us the right to fight back as card owners. The current situation is totally lopsided in transparency (they can hide and consolidate voting power).


I don't disagree with you that bots are a drain on the economy, but my question for your suggestion is how do you differentiate a bot with no cards or SPS staked to a brand new player with no cards or SPS staked. The way the new player experience is at the moment requires these players to rent card in order to earn SPS from battles. And in this sense, it's very difficult to differentiate new players from bots.


@theacks, I totally agree with you about it.
Sometimes, it's not about whether we want to do it or not, it's all about how to do it.


Base on the previous post you said that all LISTING FEE will be burned. Could you please provide a BURNING ADDRESS for listing fee for transparency so other investors will have a confident to invest again.