Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - November 7th, 2022 - 4PM Eastern!


Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder & CEO)
    • Hardpoint (Chief Technology Officer)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • WeirdBeard (ESports Manager)
    • Brybro27 (QA Engineer)
    • WafflesKitty (DYGYCON)
    • r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Special Guests:
    • N/A
  • Main Topics:
    • SPS Brawl Rewards 🎯
    • Splinterlands November Roadmap 🎯
    • Q&A Summary 🎯
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 00:35 - Team Introduction
    • 02:50 - Brybro27 Update (Upcoming Release Notes)
    • 08:15 - Hardpoint Update (Tower Defense & Roadmap)
    • 27:00 - WafflesKitty Update (DYGYCON)
    • 31:40 - WeirdBeard Update (Brawlhalla)
    • 1:05:20 - Nateaguila Update (Creative)
    • 1:22:10 - r0n d0n Update (Splinterlands TV)
    • 1:28:05 - Q&A
    • 1:57:50 - Closing Remarks


💥 Company Updates 💥

Splinterlands Tower Defense (See Eye Candy Below!):

  • DoubleCoconut has been making great progress on the Splinterlands Tower Defense game!
    • 20-30 people working on this game over at DoubleCoconut
  • Splinterlands Tower Defense will be built in Splinterlands
  • Team is still finalizing the official name for the game
    • Tower Defense is just the placeholder name for now
  • Checkout the Townhall Recording to see a snippet of the Tower Defense gameplay that Hardpoint shares at 11:30 timestamp
    • Live video of the game engine running with real assets

Splinterlands November Roadmap:

  • Notable Features Released Recently:
    • Coinbase support for BTC, ETH, and other crypto tokens for Credit purchases
    • Mobile app was released on the Samsung Galaxy store
    • Splinterfest titles have been distributed to attendees
      • General Admission = "The Gambler"
      • VIP Admission = "High Roller"
    • Lot of progress has been made with SPS Validators Privatenet and Testnet
      • Bridge is active and has SPS tournament payouts, SPS credits, and Chaos Legion bonus packs running on it
    • RUNI whitelist and public mint was a success!
      • More utility is being discussed internally to add to each RUNI!
    • SPS rewards for Land & Tower Defense packs is live

Lux Vega:

  • Announcing The Splinterfest Promo Card: Lux Vega
    • Lux Vega will be available in the Shop to be purchased on Tuesday, November 15th, 2022 at 4PM EST
    • There will be a total of 1000 Lux Vega cards for sale
    • Each Lux Vega will be Max Level by default
    • Lux Vega will be purchasable for 1M DEC (~$1000 in DEC)
      • VOUCHER tokens can be used to discount up to 50% of the $1000 total
      • VOUCHER tokens will be accepted at $1 per VOUCHER
    • Splinterfest attendees will have their Lux Vega promo codes emailed to them closer to November 15th
      • Promo code can be applied for a discount
        • $300 for general admission
        • $2000 for VIP tickets
      • Using a Promo code will reserve a Lux Vega until November 22nd
    • The Lux Vega sale will run from November 15th to November 22nd

Land - Tech Modernization:

  • Tech Modernization Phase #1 - Technical Foundation for where Land is being built
    • Should be released tomorrow if all goes well
    • Phase #1 mainly affects main menus & settings
      • Examples: Login, Profile, Settings, Affiliate Program, Currency Activity pages, etc...
  • Once Tech Modernization Phase #1 is successfully released, the Non-Card Market will be the next big project rolled out
    • Non-Card market will support majority of all other Splinterlands assets being sold/bought on the Market
      • Titles
      • Land Plots
      • Totems
      • Card Packs
  • As we get closer to Land Phase #1, the team wants to release more and more information and eye candy!



  • SPS Rewards are being introduced to Brawls!
    • SPS Governance Proposal for SPS Rewards passed just last week
    • The higher tier your guild participates in, the higher the SPS reward pool is
    • SPS rewards should further incentivize higher ranked guilds to move up to higher tiers
  • WeirdBeard is pushing for Gladiator tournaments to be implemented hopefully in the near future
    • Gladiator challenges was introduced a few weeks back
      • You can challenge someone and use Gladiator cards (same rule as Brawls like one Gladiator per Challenge)


  • What is DYGYCON?
    • Digital conference hosted by Splinterlands, with various blockchain projects, games, and influencers
  • DYGYCON 12 is coming up on Nov 18-20, 2022!

Splinterlands TV:


🤝 Tentative Release Notes 🤝

** Subject to change prior to actual release! **

  • Tech Modernization:
    • Second attempt at rolling this out
      • Last week's release found some issues in the Production environment
      • Team fixed these Production issues and are looking to roll these changes out again
    • Changes being applied mainly affect the following pages
      • Registration Page
      • Affiliate Program Page
      • Login Page
      • Settings Page
      • Profile Page
      • Request Keys Page
      • Currency Activity Page
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Updating Thorns, Magic Reflect & Return Fire ruleset names
      • "Thorns" --> "Briar Patch"
      • "Magic Reflect" --> "Counterspell"
      • "Return Fire" --> "Fire & Regret"
    • New rulesets (Thorns, Magic Reflect & Return Fire) not showing ability bubble in battle
      • These bubbles indicate that the ruleset is adding the ability to each card
    • Adding a hard cap of 100 Rounds before the battle resolves into a Draw automatically
      • There were rare occasions where two teams could out-heal the Fatigue damage
      • System did not properly handle this before and would result in the next two battles auto-surrendering
    • Transak is fixed and should be able to support new transactions/swaps
  • Big Features:
    • Adding SPS Rewards to Brawls
    • Kain Hace Riftwatchers First Legendary Airdrop
      • Should occur tomorrow shortly after the release
    • Adding Lux Vega Shop Page


⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️

Guild Store:

  • Team plans on introducing new items into the Guild Store soon

Rating System:

  • Team would like to revisit the Rating System and how it currently functions
  • The team hears the complaints from the community and will address them as soon as time allows!


  • Bot services are starting to get their hands into Tournametns and Brawls
  • From the team perspective, it is very difficult to determine what is a bot account
    • Some people use bots to analyze the rulesets and mana caps to determine the best lineup and submit the lineup automatically
    • Some people use bots to generate the best lineup and then the player submits manually
    • This problem of allowing bots in Tournaments & Brawls is not as simple as allowing vs not allowing bots
  • Ideally, the team wants to remain decentralized and not gatekeep what account can play and what account can't play
    • The team wants to build an environment where bots are allowed, but they just don't have an advantage over actual players

Splinterlands Business:

  • Splinterlands is growing in the bear market
    • Market obviously impacts revenue overall, but Splinterlands remains strong
    • There should be no concerns with company revenue and if it will impact the team's development roadmap

Land Workers:

  • The same Reward Point bonuses that are applied during Ranked Rewards will more than likely apply to the Land Worker bonuses as well
    • Gold Foil
    • Alpha/Beta
    • Promo


👀 Eye Candy 👀

Tower Defense - Eye of View

Tower Defense - Slime Lord

Tower Defense - Defense Selection UI

Kain Hace Animation - First RW Legendary Airdrop

RUNI Unleashed - Upcoming RUNI Lore Page

RUNI Manage Page

Non-Card Market


🎞 Past AMA Summaries 🎞


Next AMA - Monday, November 14th, 8PM Eastern (12AM UTC)


Another exciting week ahead. Thanks for the summary.


first legendary airdrop from ``cl´´ ?^^


Oops, should read first Legendary RiftWatchers Airdrop!


Is there a website available already for the Tower Defense?


the gameplay of TD doesn't look that great to be honest! Hope it gets a bit more polished than that :/