Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - October 17th, 2022 - 8PM Eastern!

Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder & CEO)
    • Chatter (Head of Marketing)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • Cryptomancer (Lead Developer)
    • WeirdBeard (ESports Manager)
    • Hanwise (Support Editor)
    • r0nd0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Special Guests:
    • Cryptoeater (Aqualis)
    • Neal McSpadden (Valued Community Member)
  • Main Topics:
    • GLG Presale ⚡️
    • Runi Launch ⚡️
    • Brawlhalla ⚡️
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 02:10 - Team Introduction
    • 04:50 - Cryptoeater Intro (Aqualis DAO)
    • 13:30 - Neal McSpadden (He's Here As Just Neal)
    • 31:55 - Chatter Update (Marketing - Runi & GLG)
    • 41:50 - WeirdBeard Update (Splinterfest & Brawlhalla)
    • 53:35 - Cryptomancer Update (Brawl Development)
    • 1:01:40 - Nateaguila Update (Creative)
    • 1:12:15 - Hanwise Support Tutorial
    • 1:15:55 - r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
    • 1:21:00 - Q&A
    • 1:48:35 - Cryptoeater Intro V2 (Aqualis DAO)
    • 1:59:00 - Closing Remarks


💥 Company Updates 💥

Genesis League Goals (GLG):

  • GLS Presale starts tomorrow!
    • Goes live at 4PM EST
    • Presale will have two payment options: Hive & PayPal
      • PayPal purchases will require KYC to be completed prior to making the purchase
      • If you want to buy with PayPal, you should complete KYC prior to the presale
      • GLG website will go live for account creation and KYC purposes at 9AM EST tomorrow
    • To participate in the presale, you will need to create an account!
    • Presale Pack Price: $5
    • Bonus Pack Structure:
      • 100+ packs = 10% bonus packs
      • 500+ packs = 15% bonus packs
      • 2000+ packs = 20% bonus packs
  • GLG Pre-Purchase deal is officially complete
    • Sold 127,320 packs out of the 500k packs available
    • Remaining 372,680 packs will be amount available for the presale tomorrow
  • Helpful Guides:


  • All whitelist spots will be able to mint their Runi on October 25th
    • This for everyone who bought a Runi Components Kit with Vouchers on Splinterlands
  • Subsequent mint will occur on possibly October 27th for ARG winners and AMA allowlist winners (will be officially announced)
    • ARG = Runi Augmented Reality Gaming
    • This is a new contest this week that will launch either Wednesday or Thursday afternoon
    • Free to participate and first 10 winners will receive a free Runi mint and up to 100 subsequent winners will receive card packs
    • This ARG contest will all be hosted in the SPL discord on channels that will be revealed specifically for the ARG
    • More information will be announced soon!
  • General Runi sale is looking to launch November 3rd
    • Team has an exclusive launch partner for the Runi launch! 👀


  • Land Phase #1 is still estimated to launch by the end of the year
  • Creative team is waiting for the footage from Splinterfest to be sent to them by HyperX Arena
    • Team will do some post-production work on the footage and release it once done
    • Footage should cover almost everything that was hosted during the panels and tournaments


  • Team will be hosting a Splinterlands Open tournament for all players!
    • Date of tournament: October 28th at 3PM EST
    • Tournament Level: Gold League Modern
    • This tournament will be KYC required
    • Register for the event now! - Tournament Link
  • Brawl SPS rewards is the next highest priority
    • Development has been finished, but there is still work required for the release
    • Team wants to create a SPS Proposal to allow the community to help decide the SPS rewards per Brawl tier
    • Hoping to release around mid/late November
  • Blood & Power stones being purchasable with Vouchers is still on the table
    • Development is complete, just needs to be added to a release probably after SPS rewards is released
  • SPL team is wanting to modify the Fray composition for each Tier
    • Adding RiftWatchers to Frays will probably be soon as well!


  • Major congrats to our two Champions of the Coliseum of Chaos tournaments: Brybro27 & DToughStuff
    • Brybro27 won the Gold League tournament
    • DToughStuff won the Champion League tournament
  • Congrats to everyone else that placed in the top four as well!
    • Gold League Modern Standings
      1. Brybro27
      2. Schnapoon
      3. GodIsLove777
      4. Junokeo
    • Champion League Wild Standings
      1. DToughStuff
      2. Schnapoon
      3. Junokeo
      4. SteemMatt
  • The MVP of the tournaments has been rewarded to Schnapoon as well!

Splinterlands TV:


Special Guests

Cryptoeater - Aqualis DAO:

  • Aqualis DAO is an upcoming DeFi platform on the Ethereum blockchain
    • Team plans to integrate on BSC soon after launch
  • Aqualis utilizes a unique asset multi-utilization algorithm to dynamically ensure all funds in the ecosystem are used as efficiently as possible
    • Allows users to not manually move their funds around while chasing best yield farming rewards
  • Phase #1 launch is planned for January
    • Phase #1 will include a fully functional stablecoin AMM and lending platform
  • Whitelist Sale registration is currently ongoing

Neal McSpadden - SPS Proposal Discussion:

  • Disclaimer: Neal is a valued community member; he does not represent the DAO, community, etc
    • His feedback is very insightful and valuable as a whole!
  • SPS Governance Proposal - Adjust Rewards Based on Card Level
    • This has been a four year exploit that was attempted to be fixed by CP
    • However, CP didn't solve the issue as players weren't incentivized to level up cards to increase their CP
    • Instead, this SPS Proposal is the next step to push players to level up their cards so they aren't playing with extremely low levels in higher leagues
  • Neal thinks this is more of a patch rather than a fix
    • Main problem lies in the ranking system rather than the earning system
    • Modifying the ranking system takes a ton more effort and time so this proposal will act like a temporary band-aid
  • Neal and Aggroed are both supporters of this SPS proposal as they believe it should continue to incentivize leveling up cards and competing at higher leagues


⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️

Upcoming Airdrops & Lux Vega:

  • RiftWatchers Presale airdrop, Oshuur Constantia, is anticipated for Thursday, October 20th
    • This is subject to change - SPL team will officially announce the date in Discord when ready
    • The Watcher title, also from the RiftWatcher Presale, is expected to be distributed at the same time
  • Usut, the first Legendary RW airdrop, is still TBD
  • Lux Vega sale is TBD as the sale page is still being developed and worked on


  • Gladiator Challenges are coming really, really soon 👀
    • Gladiator challenges mimic the same rules applied in Brawls
    • Meaning, you can use any Gladiator you own in a Challenge, but only one Gladiator may be used

Splinterfest 2023:

  • Second largest country for packs purchased is from the Philippines
  • For this reason, the team is thinking the next Splinterfest may be hosted in the Philippines
  • Look for more information in regards to be announced in the future!

SPS Land & Tower Defense Rewards:



Another RUNI Wallpaper

Gold Foil RUNI (Gold Foil Corners)

Runi Traits

Land - Castle Concept


Past AMA Summaries


Next AMA - Monday, October 24th, 10AM Eastern (2PM UTC)


And I had hoped to get a reason to travel to Las Vegas, again... :D


What happens to those who already own HIVE accounts? Can we simply login with Keychain or do we have to go out of our way and act like a bunch of Web 2 users and later connect a HIVE account?


You need to create an account that way you pin an email address to your account. Once you create your account and verify your email, you can connect your Hive wallet to your account!

The GLS site is live by the way: https://goals.genesisleaguesports.com/


I heave both Land & TD, but my rewards show zero for both...


Your rewards should have updated around 8PM EST. It shows up on the SPS Management page.


I was sooooo pissed off when I tried to buy some cards with Paypal then the KYC screen came up, but it's not a bad process like Coinbase. The AI confirmed my ID right away and I didn't miss out on the presale because of the KYC. I still don't like KYC though even though I use my real first and last name as my HIVE ID.


if you know the proposal is a band aid going on top of 4 other band aids that didn't fix the issue then WHY do it? And if you are going to do it it should be by BCX count and not level with each BCX level added getting you closer to max earning which is max level
also rent-to-own would be of huge benefit to the small money gamers


Actually, that could work, with the recent implementation of split delegation rewards for those who own cards and have other people play them for rewards. I don't see why a similar reward delegation could not be made for some of the won rewards to be placed toward a card ownership delegation.