Land and NFT Cards How I'm Voting On These Proposals

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Land and NFT Cards How I'm Voting On These Proposals

New proposals continue to kick up and I love seeing it. Not only because each burns 100,000 DEC but also because it shows players caring about the game and offering up their own unique inputs. While I may not agree with ever proposal I will still give my honest feedback on it and talk about why I'm personally voting the way I am.

The goal of this is to spread awareness for the proposals but also to fuel talks about it. My thinking on one topic might not be the best and in some cases just talking about it and getting overs view points has actully changed the way I voted on proposals in the past. This is from either myself not understanding it correctly or by thinking outside of the thoughts I had to see the benefits or negatives on what it could or will introduce into the game.

Let's dive in...

SPS DAO Mints Promo Card For SPS Stakers

My Vote: YES
Proposal Link:

The reason I'm voting yes on this is because the ask for it seems low in terms of cost with the potential of a positive outlook for sps lightly but mainly to try and restore some value into vouchers.

A new card will be created by the Splinterlands team and for every 1,000 SPS you have staked you will be able to use 1 voucher to buy it. I believe that's the only cost is a single voucher.

Currently voucher prices go for just $0.10 and that's even after we saw a boost in hive price which has made the amount of hive per voucher drop as well. Here's the chart since late October.

*Screenshot taken from Hive-Engine VOUCHER

as you can see these vouchers have only decreased in price but should have held at least a $1 peg for what I believe was thought to be the value for discounts on packs and other things it was used for. I believe at the moment 20,000 maybe a bit more vouchers are printed every single day which seems like a pretty large load at the moment.

This new card release when created and if fully bought with vouchers would push around 483,000 cards that could be minted from this as currently there is 483 million SPS staked. That would mean a total of 483,000 vouchers could be burned through this promotion. In theory the cards by default since it's burning a voucher should bring a $0.09 at least bid on the market if sold.

To me is seems like a small ask to give it a single run and see what comes of it and how it effects the price of vouchers and brings value to the game and the cards.

Boost Land Survey Chances By Burning DEC/DEC-B

My Vote: Still To Be Determined But Weighing Towards Yes Currently
Proposal Link:

This proposal is to charge 10,000 DEC per plot of land to boost the surveying of it. This is in theory right now a $6 charge roughly but if DEC returned to peg it would be $10. By doing so you double your chances of getting a rare, epic and legendary plots as well as double the normal chance of getting magical and occupied plots.

While this would in fact charge land owners again and on top of something they already paid for (which I get and feel the same way as well) what it does do I feel is holds value into land and increasing it. In a way I hate the fact that I should have to pay more but on the flip side I would be willing to do it because I believe in the game and it would be silly not to use dec to the max to try and get better plots.

That being said I think it's asking a lot from players and if Splinterlands is willing to keep asking such things of players then Splinterlands team needs to be willing to give up or pay up for things as well. This is why I hope soon and perhaps I'll build it myself is to ask for 1% or higher of the market fees to be returned into the value of the game most likely in the form of SPS value. (however that's a separate topic).

Let me know your pros and cons on this topic as I'm still undecided at the moment. Please reply back with reasons and not just yes or no or some angry comment.

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