The Struggles to Diamond League

The Struggles to Diamond League

What makes Splinterlands such a joy to play?

Is it the increased value in assets? Sure it's nice
Is it owning your own assets? Sure that's great as well
Is it the continued development and in a more decentralized environment? Yep, that's also great.

But what I really love about Splinterlands are moments like this.


With just a little over 16 hours left in the season I was finally able to hit Diamond again. Yes Diamond!

Why am I totally pumped about that?

Well back in the day I was ALWAYS in Champs a had a maxed out Beta deck to play with and it just destroyed with little thought. Lately however my gameplay had to change. Before I would always play the same cards but with new rule sets I actully have to take some time and think about the cards I want to play. With nearing a maxed out rewards cards deck plus Chaos deck I now have more options to play in my hands then ever before.

Over the course of Untamed I did alright and hit Champs and Diamond rather easily but when Chaos rolled around I found myself stuck in Gold forever. The last few seasons I've really been trying to get back into Diamond.

The last few seasons I gave up after being one battle away from hitting diamond and then losing it once or more times only to struggle my way back up to one more battle and losing.

This time I suck with it. Once I was one battle away (well at least I thought) only to see after the battle I was 1 point away lol. From there I ended up bouncing for 5 more battles until finally I hit it and nailed my battle which launched me back into Diamond pool! What an amazing feeling after not being in it for months but goes to show you and myself that you do need to take the time to really learn your battles and cards now. Simply leveling up max cards and jumping in selecting whatever no longer works in Splinterlands which now brings new strats and depth to the game.

How are you looking this season?

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