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WOO Land sale

Hey everyone,

I'm happy to announce that I will be hosting a pool for the whitelisted WOO land sale.
First some general words about WOO, aka Wrestling Organization Online. Afterwards some more information about their land sale. Finally I'll give the necessary information to participate in my pool.


What is WOO?

WOO, aka Wrestling Organization Online is an upcoming play2earn game on the Hive blockchain about wrestling. They aim to bring back territory wrestling, where the wrestlers are tradeable nft's. The launch for the game is aimed to be in Q3 of 2023. To be able to launch, they already sold out 60k WOOalpha packs through various sales through 2022. Their WOOAlpha general sale sold out in 99seconds! Besides the wrestlers and managers which could been found in the card packs, they also need cities (often called land plots, but in WOO, we talk about cities).

A lot could be said about WOO, but I'll focus in this post more on the land sale. To get more information about WOO in general, check out the posts of @wrestorgonline and make sure to join their discord: https://discord.gg/yyZZ6H82



What is the WOO land sale?

As mentioned earlier, the land plots in WOO are called cities. In the upcoming Land sale up to 9.000 cities will be sold and 1.000 will be for staff. So before the game launches a total of 10.000 cities will be available. In the future there will be a total of 200.000 cities which will exist. Don't stare too much at this amount as, this is the total amount of cities which will be for sale / used in partnerships / ... in the coming years.

Important to know is that each city has 3 different stats: Fanbase, Wealth and population. Each stat can have 1, 2 or 3 stars. So the minimum stars a city will have is 3 stars and the maximum is 9 stars. The better these stats, the more $WOO a city will generate when a wrestling match is held in that city.

This sale will have a whitelist. (It's the only land sale which will have a whitelist, all the next one won't have a whitelist.) Until the 30th of January, everyday snapshots are taken to see how many 'Whitelisting points' someone has. These points determine in which tier you are for the whitelisting:

Platinum tierGold tierSilver tierBronze tier
10.000 points7.000 points5.000 points3.000 points

When someone knows in which tier he/she is, than you know the maximum amount of cities which can be bought in the whitelisted sale:

Platinum tierGold tierSilver tierBronze tier
Infinite amount of cities25 cities5 cities1 city


When is the land sale?

It's already known for quite some time that @wrestorgonline loves to have their important events on 'special' days. For the beginning of the whitelisted land sale, it's not different, it's on the 14th of February, yes, Valentines day! It marks the beginning of 1 month in which the whitelisted people can buy as many cities as they can until the maximum of 9.000 is reached. A city bought from WOO is costing $20 or $15 and 500 $WOO.

If the 9.000 cities aren't sold by the 14th of March, than the rest of the cities will be sold to the general public starting on the 16th of March. When you ask me, I'm not that sure that it won't sell out.


Help, it's the first time I hear about this land sale?!?

Check out those posts, they are a must-read:
WOO Territory Whitelist Sale Announcement
WOO Land Sale Date & Price Announcement

But, I don't like reading...
Main points about the land sale:

  • White listed cities (=land plots) sale starts on the 14th of February
  • Presale lasts 1month only
  • 9.000 cities will be sold
  • When those 9.000 cities aren't sold, they will be for sale for the general public, starting on the 16th of March
  • Only 200 accounts will be whitelisted
  • Only land sale before the game will launch in Q3 2023


Stekene's WOO Land pooling

As I started this post, I'm happy to announce that I'll organize a land pool. At the moment of writing I'm gold tier for the whitelisting:


I already hear you thinking: how are you organizing a pool if you can only buy 25 land plots?
Answer: I'll open reward packs until I get to the desired amount of 10.000 white-listing points. Reward packs are 2 points. When I open them I have about 40% chanche to get a legendary wrestler or manager, which is worth 5 points and about 60% chanche to get a staff card which is worth 10 points, so if I open 500 WOOreward packs, I should have 10.000 points. At the moment of writing I have 600 WOOrewards packs, so even if I'm 'unlucky' and only hitting legendary wrestlers or managers than I can just open more packs! If I'm very lucky and I would hit a GB, I would even have to open less REWARD packs!


Stekene's pool rules

  • Prices when paid before Friday 27th of January 2023 23:59 UTC+1:
    17.5 HBD / land plot
    🎁When buying 20+ land plots: 16HBD / land plot

  • Prices when paid between Friday 27th of January 2023 23:59 UTC+1 & Sunday 12th of February 2023 23:59 UTC+1:
    18 HBD / land plot
    🎁when buying 20+: 16.5 HBD / land plot

  • Send the HBD to: @stekene2

  • Put as memo with x the amount you paid for: WOO WL-POOL x land plots

  • As soon as I have the land plots, I'll send them to the account who payed for them

  • In case someone sends insufficient funds, I'll buy as many as possible and return the rest

  • Should land plots sell out too fast, I'll use the first come, first serve principle. So I'll first distribute land plots to the first buyers and refund the ones who were last.

  • Maximum 500 land plots will be available through this pool.

  • Feel free to contact me with all your questions!


Why should I join Stekene's pool?

  • 🎉For every 100 land plots which are bought through this pool, I'll raffle a land plot through all the participants, where the amount of plots bought equals your amount of tickets. YES, you have a chanche to get a WOO land plot for free, when buying through my pool.

  • As a moderator / community helper of the WOO-discord I want to give something back to this awesome community. So if you weren't able to get as much whitelist points as you wanted, you can still get your hands on some WOO-land.

  • In regards to diversification, I think it is the safest to spread your buys of WOO-land through different pools to mitigate the risk of joining a pool. Because, yes joining a pool is definitly based mostly on trust. Besides ofcourse the advantage of being able to win a land plot ;)

  • The prices I use are quite competitive on the market.

  • You'll support the opening of WOOREWARD Packs until I reach platinum tier, yes that means for all of you who still have some of these packs, that your airdrops will raise!

  • If the whitelist sells out, you won't to be able to buy more cities in the public sale. So if you want to be sure, you better join a pool ;)

  • As I am the proud holder of a Gold Belt Sonny Onoo, my own luck is already drained in regards to WOO. So I hope I could buy land plots for you which will generate 9* cities!

  • An awesome discord has been made: Stekene's Land Pool Discord


That's it

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to react to this post. Also I'm glad to hear what you think about WOO / the land sale / this pool, so feel free to give your opinion!
I also made a discord in regards to this pool, so definitly check it out: Stekene's Land Pool Discord

Thanks for reading and hoping to see you around in the wrestling ring 🙏


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Good luck with your pool!