All Roads Lead to Splintershards

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It's been a few years now since the Splintershards token was introduced to the Splinterlands ecosystem. I started playing this game just before the implementation of the one-year SPS airdrop for asset holders. And since its peak, the SPS token value has plummeted drastically. But as the game progresses and new development and features are implemented, it's becoming clearer to me that SPS is the best asset in the game. Here's an update on some of the reasons why:

Increased Token Utility

One of the reasons why SPS fell in value is that most of its utility back then was still in the planning stages while the token was already circulating in the open market. There's also the flood of supply that came from the previous airdrop. But this is slowly changing as the airdrop officially ended last year and SPS rewards coming from battles are automatically staked to the user's account.

And now, the main utility for SPS, which is written in its whitepaper, is soon to be implemented where the collection power requirement for each league will be removed and rewards that you will receive will now be based on the amount of SPS that you have staked in your account.

Added Benefits in Holding SPS

Another reason to stake SPS are the tokens that you receive which are SPS, VOUCHERS and GLX. There is also a possibility that this will also include the token for the new Invennium project once it goes live.


There's also the SPS rewards for the various liquidity pools that you can enter. By simply pairing your SPS with another token and providing liquidity for token swaps, you get a daily SPS reward as well.

And with the incoming SPS staking requirement for league play, users can also delegate their staked tokens to other users and earn additional passive income. You can also put your staked tokens up for rent once the rental feature goes live.

Better than Holding Cards

Splinterlands cards are inflationary in nature. Each year, millions of additional supply are added to the overall card ecosystem whether it be from new sets, rewards or promotional card sales. And while it is true that some cards are better than most and possibly appreciate in value more than the SPS token, they are still subject to potential power creep. This means that future card releases might be a strictly better version of the existing cards which will devalue the former cards.

SPS on the other hand is deflationary. It is a fungible token that has a finite supply of three billion tokens. A part of this is also already burned or locked up in the DAO fund which lowers the circulating token count.

Easy to Liquidate

Another advantage of being a fungible token is that it is easier to liquidate than NFT cards. With over $3,000 of daily trade volume in Hive Engine alone, the spread between buy and sell orders are narrow.


This means that even if you are to sell your SPS tokens in a rush, you will only lose a minimal amount than when you list it at a sell order. The same thing cannot be said with cards. Since each card type is unique, the spread on cards is usually high and you might have to wait a while in order to get the price that you want for your assets.

Potential Listing on Major Exchanges

Even though Splinterlands is the biggest project on Hive, it is yet to be included in some of the major cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Binance. There are many benefits to being listed in these exchanges such as exposure to a larger blockchain audience and potential appreciation of token value.

First Asset for New Investors

And finally, as Splinterlands slowly grow in popularity, new players or even investors that are looking to take part in the game's success without actually participating in the project might choose to just purchase and hold SPS tokens. In the future, the SPS valuation might be the single best indicator of how the project is performing.

Overall, I can say that SPS is one of the most significant assets in the game. This will be especially true once the company expands beyond the card game and branches out to other related projects such as Soulkeep.

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Thank you for reading and see you in the battlefield!


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