Share Your Battle: Nerissa Tridawn



For this week's share your battle, we're going to feature the protector of the seas, Nerissa Tridawn. Let's take a deep dive into her card stats and abilities first.

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Nerissa Tridawn is one of only two vanilla magic attack monsters. Vanilla monsters are cards that do not have any ability. And since she has an epic rarity, this means that all the attributes that make her an epic card are all translated into pure stats. And her stats are impressive in terms of magic attack and overall health. However, the only thing that she is lacking in is armor. Speed is not an issue in most cases since magic attacks normally do not miss. And with her high health, she is sure to withstand enemy attacks long enough to get a chance to deliver a hit. For nine mana cost, you're definitely getting your money's worth in terms of firepower and survivability.

For rule sets, she is a good candidate for Back-to-Basic type of matches. Most prefer magic creatures in these rule sets since other monsters will not have void or void armor abilities. For summoners, I personally use either Alric Stormbringer or Kelya Frendul since these are the ones that are easily rentable and have a good synergy with Nerissa. Kelya with support creatures such as Creeping Ooze is also good for fixing Nerissa's speed stat. But more than likely, I use her as a secondary tank with a healer like Merdaali Guardian to back her up.

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For the shared battle, it is a 99-mana bronze league match with Fire and Regret rule set which gives all monsters the return fire ability. You can check the battle here.

Both of us avoided ranged monsters due to the rule set. The opponent went with the melee route using Tarsa to boost attack and health. He has Tenyii Striker and Serpentine Spy to disrupt my backline. There is also a Disintegrator in play betting on the chance that I will also go heavy on melee creatures.

I was on an advantage since I chose magic creatures. All enemy attacks will be focused on Coeurl Lurker supported by Baakjira's slow and Merdaali Guardian's tank heal. My heavy hitters are Djinn Oshannus, Nerissa Tridawn, and of course, my fail-safe, Runemancer Kye. Kye will rack up health with the life leech ability and hopefully be beefed up enough to tank the remaining enemies at the end of the game.


As expected, Coeurl Lurker was in the forefront of all enemy attacks. Because of its superior evasion, melee attacks didn't have a chance to land a blow. Meanwhile, magic attacks from my team makes short work of the opponent's tank. Nerissa Tridawn delivers the killing blow to Living Lava at mid-round one.


After Living Lava was taken out, the enemy's backline units started to fall one by one. And by the third round, Nerissa Tridawn once again delivers a killing blow, this time on Tenyii Striker. The opponent was totally annihilated at the beginning of round five.

While it's true that my selection of magic attack versus the opponent's melee was a great advantage on my part, another big factor was the fact that I outclassed my opponent's enemy units. Being a 99-mana cost battle, I practically filled my lineup with some heavy-hitting legendaries while the enemy was utilizing common and rare monsters.

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Although Nerissa Tridawn is not ideal to use in every match due to her high mana cost, there are some situations that she will be a fit and may potentially turn the tide of a battle. When abilities fail you, you can always rely on good old vanilla power.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. If you guys are still new to the game and would want to join, you can click on my link here. See you on the battlefield.



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