Chaos Legion Airdrops: What to Expect for New Players


After the most recent Splinterlands AMA and the discussions around Chaos Legion, the entire community is in a buzz. One of the most interesting topics of the AMA centered around subtle changes to how air drops will be handled as part of Chaos Legion. I won't get into the specifics of some of the changes discussed around staking SPS, vouchers, pre-sales packs, etc (you can find those details in the AMA here), but one question many new players may have is how to value these new air drop cards. For example, should you rush out to buy and stake large amounts of SPS in order to have a chance at these air drop cards? Do you bid feverishly on hive-engine to buy all the fractional vouchers that you can get your grubby hands on? For a new player without context, it would be easy to rush in and FOMO. But a little context and history may be helpful in your decision making process. Below is a listing of the 14 air dropped cards as part of the Untamed set along with their current (as of publishing) market price.

#Current Market PriceAirdropped Card
1$49.99Diamond Dragon
2$33.00Gloridax Guardian
3$6.00Drake of Arnak
4$155.00Mimosa Nightshade
5$533.33Yodin Zaku
6$194.00Chanseus the Great
7$150.00Lir Deepswimmer
8$560.00Scarred Llama Mage
9$10.00Beatrix Ironhand
10$499.00Byzantine Kitty
11$6.75Goblin Firemage
13$11.85The Gorlodon
14$8.40Hero of Beyond

There are a lot of meta cards in the list above, but also some not-so-popular ones as well. As you can see, the prices cover a broad range from $6 all the way up to $560 for a single card. For historical purposes, Scarred Llama mage came out less than a year ago (~November 1st, 2020) and initially sold on the marketplace after release for $7.25 per base card. Splinterlands players at the time received one guaranteed Scarred Llama Mage card for every 450 Untamed Card packs they purchased, with the chance of receiving more (randomly generated on the blockchain).

Having a chance at getting a few $560 cards for free is certainly nice, but you also need to weigh the cost of investment to participate. Personally, I'm all-in on Chaos Legion as a new player to the game, so I'll be actively participating as much as I can in the pre-sale and subsequent CL launch. How about you - what is your strategy and where are you allocating your Splinterlands allowance? Let me know in the Comments section below!

Unofficial Poll: Your Personal Splinterlands Budget for the Remainder of 2021
a) Chaos Legion Packs
b) Land Plots
c) Riftwatchers mini-edition Packs
d) SPS
e) DEC
f) Alpha and Beta cards
g) New Reward cards
h) Untamed cards
i) Gotta have 'em all!
j) I'm outta here!

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D and E. Some sps staked and some sps/dec lp on tribaldex for those double dec rewards. Buy as many packs as I can earn vouchers, and maybe buy some depending on what the voucher price does.


Maximizing your investments and making your money work for you - love it!