Your luck can make you out of your track!


As usual I always complete my daily quest as I get some rewards cards regularly. If you view my profile, you can see my regular rewards overview. Every month I get some excellent rewards but for May, its not attractive at all. And sometimes I feel not to play the game.
But it should not be like these, just try to get fun not focus only on rewards. When your expectaton will be nothing then a small rewards can give you an excellent feeling of satisfaction.

Today I am going to share my last two daily quest.
My suggestion is, whatever the rewards is don't miss a single opportuniy, may be you will get a gold foil legendary one day!


I have completed two of my daily quest and got only 2 common cards from these loot chests.
From silver league, these rewards are not so good but still these will increase my collection power to enter into gold league someday.

The dollar value of these cards is around $0.034 with a collection power of 10.

Thank for reading my post.


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