Team Philippines - Important Updates and Future Initiatives


The board met for a scheduled meeting at the Mango Lounge last week to discuss points of concern, future proposals and initiatives as well as the financial health of the organization. We have spent much time in the distribution of responsibilities, identifying key roles within the community and discussing how to support them on their journeys. It is important that we remain to be a pillar of strength, adapting where necessary and planning for the future as oppose to just living in the present. As a board, we hold a variety of skill sets, it is important that these skills are utilized to maximize time and effort.


We as an organization have decided to review our revenue generating centers and have come to the conclusion that as we focus on gaining an SPS position, 80% of our generated income would be converted / staked as SPS. The remaining 20% would be utilized to fund other initiatives. Please see the areas included in this split:

• SPS (Liquid) Generated from our Liquidity Pool Positions (SWAPHIVE:SPS & SWAPHIVE: DEC)
• Staked SPS rewards
• 30% sent over as SPS from the Land Initiative
• Dec obtained through our card rentals
• Vouchers acquired

In regards to the 20% remaining, this revenue would all be swapped into DEC and held as petty cash which would be used to fund initiatives, Current initiatives that this is funding:

• 2000 DEC sent to @teamphgiveaways for the purpose of the monthly tournament set up cost
• 10000 TeamPH Tokens (In DEC value) to be sent to IGN @teamphgiveaways for the prizes. (This is only the case if other initiatives launched are unsuccessful in acquiring the Tournament requirements)
• 30% of the remaining balance of petty cash to be sent to IGN: @team-philippines (in DEC) to be used to purchase teamph tokens and distribute to our Top 10 TeamPH Staked Token Holders
• % of petty cash to be used to pay out our new Guild Performance Reward scheme which you may find below (Proposal 2 which has been approved)

Please be advised that information mentioned above is to be done on a monthly basis and not a seasonal one, and will be completed after the financial report has been completed.

Recent Proposals

@Damour is now spear heading our Guild Based Initiatives, as well as the Tournaments that we hold on a monthly basis. He has recently submitted 2 proposals that have been approved by the board. This will incentivize competitive gameplay and team work and give people a reason to push in a positive direction. You may see these proposals here.

Proposal 1 (Status – Approved)

Proposal 2 (Status – Approved)

Current Initiatives offered by TeamPH or Board Members

**Staked TeamPH Token Dividends **


The Top 10 TeamPH Token Holders above were all paid out dividends amounting to 1500 TeamPH Tokens each, which were staked onto their retrospective accounts. We have seen much movement here, congratulations to those that have recently joined the Top 10. If you would like to check the current status of our holders you can use this link: (Click on staked). Please be advised that the main board / investors are not included in the top 10 and do not receive any dividends.

**The " Wheel of Fortune" **


The next date for the “Wheel of Fortune will be on the 07th August 2023 at 21:00 (Philippine Local Time), @mangomayhem will be streaming via Facebook. TeamPH as an organization now holds approximately 46,000 SPS and will be raffling it all off for a monthly delegation to the lucky winners. In order to participate in this, we only ask that you are live on the stream, purchase 1000 TeamPH Tokens and then send it to the Teamphgiveaways account. For those that are wondering, these TeamPH tokens collected will be used as prizes for the ongoing tournaments scheduled at the end of the month. We like to give back to our community.


Thank you for taking the time to read our most recent updates, should you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate as to mention this below. We, as TeamPH take our Community's needs seriously, and are continuously looking to eradicate barriers of entry and provide support where needed. We are empowering our key members that have been identified, to be more than just a token holder, we want them to be visible and their skills utilized and at the same time rewarded for their efforts, besides it is all about the greatest good for the greatest number. We want to remain a beacon of light for our new found home within Splinterlands and the Hive Eco System.

This is Ciao for now, we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield

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"Together we Thrive Kapamilya"


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