3 Novice League Win Streak On Wild Ranked Battle!!

Got Out Of The Losing Streak LOL

I am playing trying to get into Bronze 3 League in Wild Battle before my funds come in so I can purchase the Spellbook so I can begin the rest of the journey. I really enjoyed having that win streak. Getting close to Bronze 3 and in a couple hours the funds will come in!!

I liked the set up of this battle


The last battle was between the chicken Haha! Took a few rounds

This next one was a short battle. I only chose one card (one I did purchase myself)


This last one was pretty intense! It lasted 18 rounds


That was lots of fun! I haven't gone for my 4th win streak yet! I will probably try before the funds come in. If I do I may post about it. Looking forward to start playing and getting into it. I will post fairly soon to let you all know what I think. I will buy a pack or 2, some cards and some currency.