Random Battle of the day

What battle am I getting today?

Well, it starts off with a long wait for an opponent.


Followed by a timeout and loss for me ??
That sucked.


What match did I get?
A crappy draw. Low mana and only melee with no abilities!

This is very much a do you have the right summoner match. Usually I choose Chanseus from life which is OP in this but No Life splinter. However, I have earth splinter and Mylor is very powerful in this matchup.


He chose Daria Dragonscale. +1 Attack. Not a bad choice but I think my thorns will be enough to withstand her bonus to attack.


Doing a little math. His Goblin Mech has 14 health/armor. Every hit he makes will do 2 damage to himself. Two hits to get rid of my giant and one hit for everything else. He will take 14 damage just to kill my team. That means a draw if all my attacks miss every time.

No Win Situation for him.


He gets first hit every time because he's faster but my slow guys retaliate once they hit the frontline. With only a 2 speed difference that means an 80% chance to hit.

My guys do their job and he is toast.


My opponent made a good decision as Mylor isn't common and a fast heavy hitting heavy armor unit can take out a great many small units. This time though....just not enough.

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