Today's Random Battle of the day.

Another day,

another random battle.


Today's battle is : Enrage, Melee only and Divine Shield with a medium/small mana cap.

Only Life, Earth and Dragon Splinters.

I would usually choose Earth and go with my thorns buff summoner, but today I think I'll try something a little unusual.


I'll bring in the Lurker with the Grandmaster.

An enraged Lurker can be tough to hit. The Bard makes sure that his speed helps even more. The Ooze to slow the enemy and armorer to repair any random hits. It all comes down to can my Lurker sneak away with a victory!


My Opponent chose life for the health buff.

Will it be enough?


Hmm... 4 backline attackers isn't good for me. One lucky hit and my armor is gone. After that Uriel can capitalize and rip apart my Lurker.

I'm likely to lose this battle but lets see how it works out.


The first round was uneventful as everyone has divine shield. The second round Uriel missed which is a good sign and the little white zero mana target is gone. Now it's time for things to get serious.

Round 3 was uneventful with just a few hits bing landed by both sides but the overall lineups remained the same. However.


Round 4 was disasterous for me.

My lurker was destroyed and he still has a regenerating Uriel sitting as tank!

I have 9 power worth of troops on the ground... He has 20 power worth of troops on the board....Yikes!

But I see a small glimmer of hope.

My harpy are double teaming his backline. The harpy takes out the armor and the lifeleech kills the backliner. His leech ability also makes him bigger each round. Let's see how that works out!


He lost his cat, I lost my ooze. I'm still in the game but the lineups are getting smaller! However, he only has two backline attackers who don't have enough power to wipeout either of my backline attackers. My armorer will keep the bard in the fight vs Uriel. There is still a glimmer of hope.


Unexpected twist for me!

The serpent hit my leech and enraged it to 5 attack. The counterattack killed the serpent!.

His leech will go down next round. Uriel can't get through the bard's armor which will be reinforced by my armorer. Now the question is can my attackers overwhelm Uriel.


His leech went down, but not before enraging my leech. I was worried that Uriel's regeneration would be too much for my line. He only regenerates 4/turn and I would usually dish out 6/turn but his flying means I miss sometimes.

However, with haste from the bard. Enrage on the leech. I'm dishing out 8/turn and with speed advantage I'm unlikely to lose!


V I C T O R Y ! ! !

I'll admit I didn't think I was going to win at the beginning. I didn't think the Lurkers speed and dodge would be enough. I was right, it wasn't! But it lasted long enough that I could weaken my enemies backline.

Then my backline started to go to work. My armorer kept the bard going against the Uriel. The bard's speed keep my guys hitting while enrage helped me kill off opponents in one hit instead of two.

It's not what I planned but happy it worked!

Until next battle.

Thanks for reading.


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