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Hello Everyone!!

If you have been paying attention, there are several new crypto games on the Hive Blockchain that are blowing up!! One of said games is a cool new RPG card game called RisingStar, where you can start your virtual music career as a lowly busker, and work your way all the way up to super-stardom!!! I will include a few details to help you get started here!

First of all, if you need to get signed up, you can use this link below:

RisingStar Game Official Sign-Up Link

Using this link, you can sign in with your Hive Keychain extension easily! If you do not have Hive Keychain downloaded yet, you can get it here!

Now that we have the basics for getting started down, it is time to move into the actual gameplay mechanics! Once you get signed up using Keychain, you will notice that you have a singer card, called the busker.


This is the starter card that everyone starts with! As you can see, each singer card has 4 stats attached to it: Fans, Skill, Luck, and IM or Income Modifier.

  1. Fans: This stat directly affects the number of Starbits, which is the cryptocurrency earned in-game, that you can earn from each mission completed.

  2. Skill: Skill also affects the number of Strabits earned, and needs to be balanced with fans in order to keep your "ego" down, as will be discussed in better detail later. You do not need to worry about ego until you are at level 15 or at over 1000 fans!

  3. Luck: This stat directly influences your chances of getting power-ups and NFT rewards from missions completed. The higher your luck, the better your chances are!

  4. IM (Income Modifier): This stat is for future use as the game develops!

Now that we have basics on the character card stats, you can also acquire instrument cards, as well as vehicle cards through card packs! These card packs can be purchased using various means: Paypal, Crypto exchange, and even with Starbits earned in-game! Each pack has at least 1 card that is rare or better, and can help you get started by earning more Starbits per mission! It does not matter which cards you pick for your band, as it is your total combined card power that determines your mission payouts, as well as your luck for getting NFTS! So collect all that you can!

Instrument cards only have luck as a stat, as pictured below!

E39 RS L Condenser.png

And most vehicle cards have a combination of Fans, Luck, and some IM, which as mentioned earlier will be used at a future date!

R90 Touring Coach.png

Even if you only have the starter card, that is all that you need at first to get started earning Starbits! Every new player will star by completing the "Illegal Busking" mission on the "Missions" page! You can find this by clicking on the "Start A Mission" button on the home page, or by clicking on the mission map, on "Home Town" as pictured below!


Once you click these, you will see the mission on the right side of the screen, looking like this:

Illegal Busking.jpg

Just click on the "Start" button directly under this picture, and you are now only 5 minutes from getting your first Starbit payout!!! Welcome to RisingStar!!

Once the mission completes, you will get a notification in your daily journal, which is at the very bottom of the page. You can check here to see exactly what rewards that you receive from each mission. You will need to complete at least 10 of each mission before you can progress to the next one, with each mission giving more and more reward value! Some missions are also Level-capped, meaning you have to be a specific level to start them!

Once you start leveling up and adding new cool NFTs to your collection, there are a couple of details that you will start needing to pay attention. Ego, as mentioned earlier, will start to build up once you get more than 1000 fans or to level 15. Ego occurs when your fans start to get higher than your skill. To balance this out, you can place higher fan cards on the market, or in storage which can be purchased in the in-game shop! Once your ego level is lower than your skill level, you will see your ego drop back down to 0. This is important because as your ego goes up, your rewards per mission completed goes down, and we want to gain as many Starbits per mission as possible to progress through the game! The Ego meter is at the top left, and looks has this blue guy inside Ego Meter

Beside the Ego meter is your energy meter! This shows you how much energy that you currently have to complete missions! Every mission has an amount of energy that it needs to be completed, and will drain your energy meter by that much when the mission is started! Time itself will allow the meter to go back up to 100% over time, but there are a few other ways to get your energy back up!

To recharge your energy, the game has a few mechanics to help out! First, there are coffees that can be found doing missions! If your character is lucky enough to find a coffee, your energy recharge rate gets increased for a while, helping you complete more missions! Second is probably my favorite aspect of the game, PIZZA!!! You can find pizza slices while doing missions, which will refill your meter back to 100% each time. You can also purchase 2 different PIZZA nfts to help out:


The Cold Pizza Slice is an ownable NFT that recharges every 24 hours after use, allowing the player that owns it to refill their energy meter on demand!

Pizza Box Full.png

The Pizza Box NFT allows players to store 1 pizza slice that is found in missions to use whenever they need it! if the box already has a slice of pizza in it, then any other slices found in missions will automatically be applied like normal! I recommend getting 2 or 3 to start out! It makes a huge difference on the amount of Starbits that you can earn daily!!

Well, I hope that you all learned a lot from my tutorial! I will be making plenty more of these to help new people get started in game! Make sure to follow me, as I am constantly doing giveaways on my stream as well, to help new players build their card base and earn more rewards! My next tutorial will be on card selection, as well as how to earn the other crypto involved in RisingStar, called StarPro, and it's many uses in the game! Until then, stay blessed, stay positive, and keep helping the next new guy!

-Thercek AKA SilenxNecrosis

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SilentxNecrosis' Twitch

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