"Stake It 'til you Make It!" - Hive Power really grows if you post, curate, and stake it. I'm a believer.


Today is about # myhivegoals.

I'm currently powering down HP from my @robwillmann account and moving it over to @threesteps. Sure, I could just delegate it but for what I want to do it makes sense if I simply move it. Therefore I've been receiving portions of the HP from robwillmann account as part of the powerdown.

I've been using this to purchase some miners I like, and other tokens to power up as well. Quite happy with my current HP and holdings:

  • 364.625 HP - I want 500 by EOY. I will most likely blow past that and adjust this up.
  • 279 HP - received delegations - I appreciate all of it. Thank you, all!
  • 13.871 - HBD Savings - Slowly building.
  • $ 239.02 - Total USD value as of today (With Hive @ 0.525 USD per)

Not too bad. It will be significantly higher once I transfer the remaining HP over from @robwillmann once it's powered down... and that's just Hive.


Additional holdings on the blockchain look nice as well.

This is the top 6 of my additional second-layer tokens. I picked these because they are all worth > $100 USD. I own a few others below the cutoff, like LEO and POB, but for now these are the main ones.

Notice anything striking?

ALIVEM, CTPM are both miners, and CTPSB and INDEX are both tokens that reward in OTHER tokens. :) Therefore a large part of my holdings is in tokens that pay me in other tokens.

As for the other two, ALIVE and CTP, those are the two main tribe tags I use, and I hold and stake all of those so that I can get max curation when I upvote other folks' stuff. Win-Win.

I didn't post my SPT on there since it's lower on the list, but I have been collecting it as well just for my SplinterLands air drop. Yesterday's Splintertalk post looks like it will pay out 5252 SPT in a few days. NICE!

That's it for today. Looking forward to growing and stacking these coins.

What do YOU hold?

Leave a comment below and let me know which coins are the ones you stake and hodl.

Peace and Love,


threeSteps - Hive Curation3.png


it's there a good place to look for that account growth chart or did you create it? i know peakd had the TOOLS section, but it doesn't really seem to count anything anymore