Weekly Battle Challenge with Kulu Swimhunter


Rarity: COMMON
Element: WATER
Attack: RANGED
Abilities: NONE

My Battle

17 Mana, Equalizer, Lost Legendaries with water, death and dragon availiable.




Kulu start.png

My Team
Kelya Frendul - Plus to armor and speed
Diemonshark - Primary tank with engrge and trample
Creeping Ooze - Slow ability
Kulu Swimhunter - No Abilities
Furious Chicken - No abilities, zero mana back line hit taker

seeing my opponents monsters drop was a little concerning as there is more damage on their side as well as the heal, all I can hope for is that once enrage kicks in that diemonshark with be unstopable.

Round 4
Kulu round4 skip.png

I skip ahead to round 4 (because the first rounds were just trading hits until the armor came off the Diemonshark)

It is plain to see that the Sea Serpent is going to did and with trample the armor comes off the Feasting seaweed; that's a step forward and a very good sign.

Round 5
Kulu Round5.png

Seaweed is dead this round as all my monsters move first and once it's dead Torrent Fiend doens't stand a chance as it would have to hit 5 rounds to kill the shark alone.

Round 7
Kulu Round7.png

All locked up for the win I even still have my Diemonshark which I thought I might lose.


Everything went off as planned, I wouldn't change a single deployment.

I do like the Kulu swimhunter, I generally use it when monsters lose all abilites and when you can't play monsters with more than 4 mana; however every so often it does really shine as secondary damage in some low mana matches.


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Thanks again for reading

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